Worstall (2013)


Internet censorship in China has been a huge concern forinternational companies which are dependent on the technology. Thearticle by argues that Google can use two simplesteps to deal with the problem. First, they can switch the searchengine in China to the encrypted https versions, which preventfirewall from blocking particular pages on the web. Secondly, thewebsites that are barred by Chinese authorities are known. Therefore,Google can use this to redirect searches to mirrored versions of thepages, and, thus, enable the user to avoid the censorship (Worstall,2013).

Since the majority of internet users are more comfortable with a freeweb, where they can access any online site without restrictions, thestrategies will have a direct impact on the competitive advantage ofthe company. An increased number of Chinese will be attracted toGoogle’s search engines. Although it is not easy, the corporationhas the capabilities of ending internet censorship in any part of theworld, including China. It has highly trained and experiencedtechnicians to implement the plans. However, in theory, this will notwork because the censorships are based on laws enacted by alegitimate government. Although Google is an American company, wherethe society is relatively free, it has the obligation of respectinglaws in other countries in which it operates. highlights several instances where technology companies have usedtheir capabilities to enhance their lawfulness within particularjurisdictions. For example, Yahoo has ensured that Nazi or Holocaustobjects are not available to online shoppers in countries withrelated restrictions (Worstall, 2013). Thus, while Google has thecapabilities to implement the plans, which will positively impact onits competitive advantage, it has no authority to choose which lawsto obey in its international operations.


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