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There is no doubt that in this world there are numerous questionsthat require answers. For example, people ask questions such as theorigin of the earth, the actual purpose of life and if indeed thereis life after death. The has been described as a form ofcognitive orientation that aids in the interpretation of the world,human beings, and life. In other words, a worldview is a set ofbeliefs that a person, group of people or a culture hold about theworld (Weider and Gutierrez 67). A helps people to answerthe questions mentioned above, as well as other issues related to Godsuch as whether God exists, as well as interpret things. It isessential to note that a worldview does not develop in an instant,but it takes time, and real life experiences in order to develop. Thevalues, attitudes and the inherited traits of a person will affectthe worldview that a person holds (Mark and Paul 116). It is criticalto state that a worldview will determine the decisions that a personmakes and, therefore, it is important to shape the worldview of theyoung generation.

A worldview could be viewed as a form of philosophical belief,religion or movement that helps one understand God, man and therelationship between man and God. Concerning the Christian worldview,it is clear that Christians base their actions, decisions, andemotions on the Bible. It is crucial to note that a worldview remainsto be the conventional driving force for every person. Research hasindicated that every person has a form of a belief that dictates hisor her response to various issues related to politics, religion,economics, law, as well as art. There are many worldviews that peoplesubscribe to such as Islam, secular humanism and Christianity (Sire,104). It is essential to mention that every worldview must meetcertain criteria. The tenets of every worldview must be in line withreality and must be consistent. Lastly, every worldview must beexistential. This means that it must address issues on the basis ofhow people live.

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