Working Rights and Working Conditions

WorkingRights and Working Conditions

WorkingRights and Working Conditions

Responseto Ana’s Paper

The organization has a mandate to free itself from drugs. It shouldfocus on productivity of its employees while minimizing interferenceby factors such as drugs. However, the decision to subject employeesto drug testing is morally impermissible. Employees have a right toprivacy, and the organization should guarantee that (Shaw, &ampBarry, 2015). Nevertheless, depending on the nature of theorganization, I think it could be right for employees to undergo thetest. I think if the test is done purely for medical reasons then itis justified.

Response to Rachelle Belloit- Questioning of outside behavior

I believe every employee has the personal responsibility to uphold agood image of the organization since they act as its brand.Nevertheless, the organization should have a limit as to the extentto which they monitor employee behavior. I think it could amount tointerference of employee’s privacy since they always have to lookout for who is watching them. However, the company can introducepolicies that reiterate the need for employees to conduct themselvesprofessionally.

Responseto Gregory Coon-Allowing employers to use polygraph tests to screenout potentially costly employees

I concur with the fact that employees have rights that employers mustrespect. The use of polygraph to test employees is outright wrong.However, the employer can engage the employees to take a polygraphvoluntarily if it is suspected they are on drugs or engaging in otheractivities.

Responseto Stefanie Kostenblatt- Allowing employers have access to digitalemployee information

Companies have policies regarding employee relations. If it is apolicy that employees provide their digital information, then I thinkemployees have no choice especially if they are newly hired (Wright,2014). However, depending on the repercussions for failure to providesuch information, employees should be allowed to reject the moveafter they accept to deal with the consequences. I concur with thefact that social media should not be the platform to discuss issuesabout the company. Because of the same, employers should not beallowed to access employees’ digital information.


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