a) i. 1. In thecase between the Virginia Health Department and Elaine Mobley, thelegal status that applies is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of1964 under religious discrimination. On the other hand, the legalstatus in the case between Edward Roberts and the tractor trailer isTitle VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under color discrimination.

2. In the firstinstance, the court must decide whether Mobley was unjustly firedsimply because she could not convert to become a Baptist. In thesecond case, the court must determine whether Roberts was denied thejob due to his dark color.

3. If I were thejudge in the first scenario, I would rule in Mobley`s favor since shewas fired for not embracing Baptist beliefs. Furthermore, I wouldrule in Roberts’s favor since the firm hired eight whites with lessworking experience at his expense.

ii. One way ofensuring the compliance of workforce planning and employment concernsthe use of active HR departments. Also, it may suffice to develop acomprehensive handbook that outlines the guidelines to be followed byall employees.

b) i. A mergerrefers to where two companies combine to form a single firm while anacquisition refers to when one company purchases another. Mergers andacquisitions enable sharing of facilities and hence reduction inlabor costs.

ii. Duringmergers, human resources face conflicting corporate cultures.However, this challenge can be addressed by arranging team-buildingactivities. In addition, the problem of rumors and misinformation canbe overcome by implementing a merger communication strategy.

iii. The most crucial challenges are turnover and staffreconfiguration since it is important to intensify the previouslevels of productivity.

c) i. Someeconomic indicators include the occupational outlook and theunemployment rate (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012).

ii. Apple Inc.needs to hire permanent employees with skill sets in computer andinformation technology.


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