Word flyer

Microsoft Word is indispensable for anyone who seeks to create a document whether it’s for work, school or just writing a letter to someone. The recent version of Word is the Word 2013. The program beats all the other previous versions. Join our upcoming training sessions for a chance to experience these new features of Word 2013. Some of these features have been listed in the fact sheet below:

Fact sheet

  • A new design tab: Word 2013 presents new designs, themes, colors, and fonts which can be used to improve a document. Even more interesting is the fact that in Word 2013, all these tools can be found in one Design tab. The users can preview the document before applying it to the entire document.

  • Easy reading in Read Mode: The Read mode in Word 2013 automatically resizes a document to fit the full window allowing the reader to flip through the pages.

  • Improved collaboration: With Word 2013, it is possible to comment “within” a comment contrary to previous versions of the document.

  • Opening and editing PDFs inside: Once you have installed Word 2013, you do not need any additional programs to read or even edit pdf files. All these can be done in Word 2013.

  • Accessible layout options: The layout is Word 2013 enables features like text wrapping around illustration mush easier to access.

  • Improved table border tools: Word 2013 comes with Border Painter tool which makes the task of formatting word table much easier.

  • Additional table features including Delete buttons and ability to add a row by just placing the mouse outside the left edge of the table.

  • Other new features include document collapse and expand, and the ability to present a document online.



[Saturday, June 9th 6:30 p.m.]