Woman in Green Sweater


Womanin Green Sweater

Womanin Green Sweater

TheDayton Art Museum in Ohio is a fun place for artists and families tovisit because of its wide array of collections and activities. Themuseum is very spacious, making it easy for visitors to move aroundand view works of art without colliding with other visitors. When Ivisited the museum, I was highly impressed by the courteous staffthat is willing to give detailed information about their collections.The museum is partitioned into rooms to facilitate classification onartworks and prevent overcrowding. Besides the “Woman in greensweater”, I loved the “Portraiture: Mirror or Mask” paintingthat depicts the contemporary selfie culture and technology thatenables people to practice multiple personalities.

The“Woman in green sweater” is 1957 oil on canvas painting by HughieLee Smith. The contemporary space age artwork depicts a lone womanstanding by the beach gazing into the horizon. “Woman in greensweater” depicts the theme of loneliness and melancholy as thelady is experiencing immense emotional barrier between the regionacross the water and her. Smith is a realism painter whose workportraits the daily aspirations and struggles of normal people.

Horizontallines used in defining the water body and the earth create a sense ofspace and rest. The water symbolizes peace and the stillness of thewater contradicts the effects of the breeze moving the skirt and thehair of the woman. On the other hand, the movement of the air andskirt conveys a sense of the woman’s emotional instability. Thewoman in the foreground stands tall and straight making her the focalpoint of the painting. Her vertical position makes her more visiblethan other features and conveys a sense of stability against thebreeze. This indicates that although she is going through anemotional turmoil, she stands tall and strong against all obstaclesthat try to bring her down.

Green,white, brown, blue, and gray colors are dominantly used in theartwork to depict calmness and peace. The woman stands on brownground that symbolizes sadness and the woman’s emotions. Lowsaturation of color enhances the theme of loneliness while thecontrast of light against dark hues evokes a feeling of optimismacross the water. Texture of the ground on which the woman stands isrough, further highlighting the present turmoil experienced by thewoman while the water and the land beyond is smooth textures tohighlight its peace and tranquility. There is a lot of negative spacein the painting, which depicts the isolation and vulnerability of thewoman. In addition, foreshadowing produces an illusion of realitythat compromises with the picture place, where the woman in theforeground is taller and slimmer than normal compared to thesurrounding environment. The woman in the foreground is the focalpoint of the artwork against the water in the mid ground and the landin the background. “Womanin green sweater” is a realism representational masterpiece thatdenotes actual subjects in real life.

Iwas attracted to the piece of art because of its romantic and realismstyle that incorporates both motion and stillness. The woman standingalone at the beach gazing across the water seems to be in despair.Line, color, and form enhance the theme of the painting, whereby theland beyond the water represents peace and tranquility against thewoman’s turmoil. The artwork possesses a lasting value to me as itdepicts the everyday aspirations and struggles of ordinary people.


Smith,H. L. (1957). Woman in green sweater. DaytonArt Museum