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Thearticle is by Michael Bond and is titled, “TheImpact of Wireless communication in the workplace.”It starts by explaining that wireless communication has changed thelifestyles of Americans. Michael Bond clarifies that cellular phonesare used by so many people to send text messages, files, and photos.He goes ahead to remark that wireless technology has had a greatimpact in the workplace by improving the communication system andpresenting new techniques of carrying out different tasks.

Thearticle illustrates how cellular phones, as forms of wirelessdevices, assist in networking and radio frequency identification.Regarding communication, for instance, the author explains that theavailable gadgets can be connected to a network to enhance remoteinformation sharing. The article ends with a description of how radiofrequency identification has enhanced business processes. It explainsthat through this technology, it is now possible to track itemswirelessly.

Wirelesstechnology and improved the quality of life and work environment?

Thetechnology improves both the quality of life and workspaceefficiency. Wireless technology enables people to share informationremotely and obtain feedback immediately. The result is that lesstime is used in travelling. Likewise, in the non-work environment,the improved communication, in a sense, makes it possible for peopleto obtain information from the internet for socialization purposes.In an organization, for instance, the human resource management mayuse the technology to enhance the process of screening, recruitingand hiring a new workforce.

Howwireless technologies are used to form a communication channel withclients

Afirm may decide to use wireless networking to communicate with thepotential clients. For example, the firm can decide to host a websitethrough which the clients may be welcomed to see the motto, vision,and product of the firm. The customers can also be asked to posttheir feedback directly to the site. Also, the firm can decide topass information in the form of an advert through the wirelessdevices like radio.

Advantages,disadvantages, limitations and risks


Improvescommunication: Through the use of cellular phones, it will bepossible to reach all the employees remotely at all times. In such acase, it is said that the employees can be available even when theyare away from their physical workstations.

Improveson Human Resource Management the human resource department can usewireless networks and devices to pass information on variouspositions in the company. Through this technique, the process ofscreening and recruiting new employees will be improved.Consequently, highly skilled employees can be absorbed to the firm.

CreatesMobility the use of laptops to access the internet eliminates theneed for much space and boundaries. Moreover, since the employees canwork remotely, they can stay in control of their jobs. Virtualmeetings can be held and this does not require a large boardroom aspeople would be meeting virtually.

Improvesprocesses the radio frequency identification technology is a newtechnology that has revolutionized the logistics sector. The systemuses tags for tracking items. A business can use the machinery totrack its products as they are being transported. The closemonitoring of products ensures that they are delivered on time and ingood quality.

Savestime the technology can be implemented to automate different tasksso as to ensure efficiency and increase productivity. The setting upof meetings will be easier through the use of technological devisesinstead of printed that are cumbersome to distribute to the variousdepartments in a company.


CausesDistraction at Work through wireless technology, devices have beendeveloped including smartphones whose features are highlydistractive. For instance, the camera feature of the smartphone maymake an employee to concentrate on taking pictures while at workplaceinstead of executing delegated tasks.

HighMaintenance costs: the use of wireless technologies requires the useof various software and hardware tools. These components are verycostly, especially in a case of large corporations.

Therisk of data theft: With the use of wireless technology most of thecompany’s information is available online. Even though theinformation may be protected from unauthorized access, there areadvanced hackers who may gain access to the servers and steal firm’sdata.


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