Why I want to be a Nurse

WhyI want to be a Nurse


WhyI want to be a Nurse

Nursinginvolves making a difference in the lives of people by inspiring hopeand confidence in them. It is also one of the most rewarding careersemotionally. Currently, the demand for nurses has been on the rise.Healthcare facilities will require culturally competent professionalswith incredible compassion and humility to deliver services topatients. For me, many reasons have shaped my desire to become anurse and why I believe that nursing is my ultimate profession.

Mylove for humanity is not in doubt. I love to make a significantimpact in the lives of people because I am a very compassionateindividual. In my family, many women are CNAs, nurses and healthcareprofessionals. I have interacted with them for a long time andlistened to their perspectives regarding healthcare practice. In sodoing, I have acquired new insights on the real issues involved inthis profession. My ability to show care was tested when I helped mygrandmother in providing care and support. Although she passed on, Iam confident that she was proud of our commitment to her life. Sincethen, I have ever been more motivated to extend care and offersupport for the sick.

Forthree years, I volunteered at the Homles Regional Medical Centre. Iwas both a patient discharge and clinical transporter, and carriedout my duties diligently, a fact that saw me hired on a full-termbasis. One day, I was transporting a patient when he coded in theelevator. This unforeseen incident put my caring ability to test.With optimism and a strong belief, I responded in time by carryingout a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure, which restoredthe life of the patient. This experience was a clear indication andassurance that my journey to become a nurse was inevitable.

Istrongly believe that becoming a nurse involves paying attention todetails both in theory and practice. I have been a committed studentthroughout my studies. I am on the dean’s list at the EasternFlorida States College. In addition to these credentials, I am acertified Cardiac Monitor Technician. As a result of thiscertification, I can observe the heart rates of patients anddetermine if they are normal. In case there are changes in the heartrates, I can report this to the relevant professionals so that thepatient can get the much needed assistance. This experienceencompasses cleaning and maintenance of the equipment used inmonitoring heart rates.

Teamworkand a positive attitude are essential attributes of nurses (Traynor,2016). Throughout my life, I have always exhibited these attributes.I will strengthen my relationship with patients, physicians and allmedical practitioners by recognizing their diversity and beingsensitive to the problems that may arise due to cultural diversity.Lucky for me, I met various healthcare professionals with diversebackgrounds at Homles. I acknowledged the centrality of culturalcompetency in contemporary medical practice. In this regard, I havebeen able to recognize that our diversity is our strength. As anaspiring nurse, I know that I can overcome problems arising due todiversity by embracing consultation and exercising due diligence.

Uponenrollment, I will exhibit flexibility, which is a fundamentalquality for nurses. I will respond to various shifts in time. Whileworking and interacting with nurses and medical staff members, I willadd new knowledge to my existing knowledge base. At any opportunity,I will seek further educational training to improve my ability andcapacity to become the quintessential nurse.