Why I Choose to Attend Homeschool


WhyI Choose to Attend Homeschool

WhyI choose to Attend Home School

Despitethe unquantifiable advantage that I enjoy as a player, being apassionate golfer is not the only reason explaining my option toattend home school. Over time, I have realized that there are so manyother benefits and privileges derived from studying at LBA homeschool. Over the last one year where I have spent most of my timenurturing my career in the golf world, I had ample time to learn justas much as I could in a regular school and I am so grateful to LBAfor giving me an opportunity to pursue my career dreams. In addition,it has been an important moment to personally develop self-identitybased on my own opinion. I have to a significant level realized mypotential in the field. The scope of this essay is to briefly narratemy experiences at LBA home school and the reason for being away fromschool longer than the recommended time.

SinceI had to participate in a number of important tournaments, it goeswithout saying that many hours were required to perfect the art ofhitting the ball home. To maximize on my time, I learned to draw apersonal time table that I would faithfully follow because everyminute was critical. Participating in normal classes would have mademy schedule a nightmare. It dawned on me that to master certainspecific procedures would at time take longer duration than Ianticipated. As a result, I spent more time with my personal coach,training for long hours. This contributed to my being away from homeschool for an extra 6 days beyond the recommended number. There was agreat improvement in my playing skills and although I lost in anumber of chances, I look forward to becoming even better in thecoming days.

Inpursuit of my career expertise in golf, I had to participate incollege tournaments held at different places. Playing golf requirethat you also attend events and watch players competing and learn asmuch as you can. Watching a game opens a person’s eyes to mistakesthat players tend to make in the court. This gives an opportunity toimprove one’s skills by observation. I must admit that I learned alot from my visits in a number of colleges during the past gamingseason. My wish is to get more such opportunities to interact withpeople from my area of interest in the sports world. I learned ofclubs that brings together golfers and organize events. I decided tosubscribe to one of the clubs that focus on identifying most talentedyoung players and helping them pursue their goals by offeringsupportive advice. I also discovered places where I could learn moreabout golf during school vacation. This helped me gain valuableskills that are very instrumental in shaping my golfing career, aswell as enhancing my communication skills.

Moreover,schooling at LBA has afforded me an opportunity to spend lots ofquality time with my parents. Since the time table is flexible andthe school allow days off upon request, I am able to accompany myparents when they need to have a day out. This gives me a chance tolearn their values, which complements what I learn at LBA homeschool. Clearly, some lessons can only be passed by instinct anddeeper understanding than simply taking notes and doing homework. Iam happy to attend school in an area where I can go home in theevening, have time with my family, and attend events related to mycareer interest whenever they arise. Since I get all these at LBA, Iwish to again pass my appreciation and request for continued support.

Inthe coming year, my goals are to spend as much time as possiblehorning my skills on golf playing. In my list, I will attend fournational tournaments and a little more than that number in the localcolleges. This implies that I need a very flexible schedule that noregular school may be ready to offer. The fact that I need to remainflexible further support my interest in attending LBA home school. Iunderstand that my academic life is important and want to ensure thatit does not conflict with the nurturing of my golf playing skills.Since golf is my passion and takes the center stage of my career, Iwish to request for a chance to continue being in LBA home schoolwhere I can conveniently balance between the two.

Iunderstand that to lead a successful life one must have academicknowledge and other important skills for survival. However, mypriority will be the career and core skills needed to lead aproductive life. My future goal is to be a recognized golf playercapable of participating in world forums such as the Olympics. Ibelieve that home schooling at LBA will provide me with all academicneeds that I desire without being a barrier in any way to the pursuitof my career goals. I know I could still achieve my goals if Icontinue with normal classes, but at much later stage in life. Ibelieve the best time for a sportsman is during their early years,which explain the reasons to pursue my dreams while still a studentat this institution.

Inconclusion, based on my career objectives, the rich learning that onetend to get when under the tutorship of people who also hope toinstill other values and principles not found in regular class,flexibility to draw a convenient time table, and exposure from visitsin many parts of the world, I prefer to attend home school at LBA. Ihope you will put into consideration what I have indicated in thisessay and allow me to continue being part of the school. I amcommitted to working hard in both class course work and my careerpassion in golf. Thanking you in advance.