Weather related incidents result in damages amounting to billions of

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Weatherrelated incidents result in damages amounting to billions of dollarsevery year. Government institutions and private establishmentsrequire the right knowledge to guide decision-making to counter thegravity of the implications. The key question is whether major stormslike Hurricane Sandy have a human fingerprint, and what options areavailable to solve the issue of global warming. I held an interviewwith Michael Stocks, a final year environmental engineering studentat Harvard University in a quest for the answers.

First,Michael clarified that scholars have defected to the use of the terms‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’ since the formeris a better description. According to Stocks, global warming onlysuggests a steady increase in temperatures. He clarified that humanactivities have led to complex results besides raising thetemperatures. From his observation, “They have played a great rolein the elevating oceans levels and the altered pH of rainwater”(Interview). Through the defective activities, severe weather swingssuch as hurricanes have become common. Consequently, it does not sumup to global warming but to climate change (interview).

Michaelagreed that major storms had a human fingerprint and referred to themas ‘Carbon-driven.` According to him, “The emission of carbondioxide reduces the rate of heat expulsion from the atmosphere andwarms the oceans” (Interview). With warm seas, storms become moresevere due to intense wind and precipitation. Michael clarified thatwere it not for humansHurricaneSandy could not have hit the United States (interview).

Regarding theavailable alternatives to energy, Michael observed that renewablepower is the most viable option. The upcoming developments on microwind and solar power that may revert the current rate of climatechange (interview).He also indicated there are hopes that fossil fuel companies, inthe near future,will be adopting new technology with the aim of reducing thepollution effect.

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