Vulnerability Analysis


Withthe imminent cyber threats and social media prevalence, it isnecessary to revise the objectives of the classical vulnerabilityanalysis(Graham, Howard &amp Olson, 2011).With cyber threat, the definition of the term vulnerability changesto, a risk of an attack on control and connection systems from insideor outside the network. The objective of identification andquantifying hazards threatening the system needs revision on aspectssuch as the source of the cyber threat. It is because cyber threatsare purely a result of human activity. Also when it comes to cyberthreats the size of danger is enormous because of the large number oftargeted people.

Anotherobjective that requires revision is that on the estimation of thepossibility of causing harm to a person or other aspects. Accordingto Graham,Howard &amp Olson (2011), whenit comes to cyber threats, the estimation can only be done after onehas observed the harm or adverse responses that the work evoked. Themeasures to be included in the mitigation plan also change whendealing with cyber threats. Cyber threats occur in a virtue medium,and they depend on the random human nature (Graham,Howard &amp Olson, 2011).It is hard to detect when they are about to occur and when they do,their effect is felt quickly and widely. The best approach to controlcyber threats would be to set severe consequences for the offenders.

Theobjective of identification of measures and procedures for developingan emergency plan changes with cyber threats. Graham,Howard &amp Olson (2011), noted that thebest plan one can develop is to create a counter message or worse letthe issues sink at the expense of one`s reputation. Some measuresthat can be used to check imminent cyber threat would be theproposition of grave consequences for offenders. Adequate cyber sitesadministration should be enhanced to ensure immediate reporting andscraping of such threats from the system.


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