Voices of freedom

Voicesof freedom

Howdoes Roosevelt define economic freedom?

Hedefined economic freedom as the knowledge that will ultimately offerpeace to citizens of every nation wherever they might be in theworld.

DoesRoosevelt see the federal government as freedom’s enemy or ally?

Heviewed it as an agent of freedom hence his focus was to strengthenthe federal government and establish a mutual relationship betweenthe American people and the federal government. His contributions todomestic life were vital in ensuring freedom for the American people.

Whatdoes Hayek see as the essence of freedom?

Asindicated in the content, Hayek observes that the purpose of freedomrefers to the equal applicability of the law, he overlooks the degreeto which communal disparities lead to the burden of unevenpunishments in the legal perspective (Hayek513).His origination of the equitable regulation leads to the alignment ofequal treatment of everyone as subjected to a uniform standard.Hayek`s monetary hypothesis demonstrates the conditions under whichorganizations are obliged and supplemented to the business sector, soas to keep away from uncertainty, disparity and neediness.

Howdoes his outlook differ from President Roosevelt’s idea of freedomfrom want?

Thepresident favored a socialistic approach of government through thefour freedoms which according to him, offered economic security tothe nation. Hayek was for the view that economic planning was athreat to freedom and individual liberty. Not even the bestintentioned government could elude this threat. He criticized leadersof the Western countries for abandoning the concept of limitedgovernment in favor of a government action to manage the economythrough resource redistribution among the needy.

Whydoes Truman insist that the question of assisting Greece and Turkeyinvolves a choice between “alternative ways of life?

Thealternative concepts of existence referred to the two global powers,the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States was willingto support nations that were fighting against external pressures orthreats from armed groups. Even though Truman never revealed theidentity of these groups, there was no doubt about their identity ascommunists. Truman was therefore determined to help the Greeks andTurks who were considered to have acquired their freedom (Truman1).The United States was thus caught in the midst of two ways of lifethat were highly opposed to each other.

Howdoes he define freedom in the postwar world?

Accordingto him, freedom refers to a type of life centered on the resolve of the larger population, and is recognized by open organizations,typical government, credible polls, assurance of personal liberty,the right to speak freely and worship, and freedom from politicalpersecution (Truman 3).


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