University Admission




Asa retired veteran of the US army that has been deployed in Iraq,Afghanistan, and GTMO, Cuba, I would like to continue using my skillsto help other people. First and foremost, I am applying for admissionat the University of Management and Technology through the knowledgeof friends and family that have once set their foot at theInstitution. The learning Institution is known to produce some of thebest Engineers around the world. The University of Management andTechnology has somehow come up with technology projects that havetaken U.S. to another level. Over the previous years, many structuresthat have been built for the betterment of the society are a resultof the proposals brought up at the Institution (White, 2010). I amapplying to join the University with the knowledge that it producesthe best careers dealing with technology.

Secondly,the care provided at the University explains why I am eager to be apart of it. The Institution provides special care for its disabledstudents. It is in my knowledge that the disabled students takingclasses at this Institution are well looked after in such a way thattheir learning becomes much effective as compared to otherUniversities around the world. The University of Management andTechnology is equipped with special facilities for the medicallydisabled students to help them run their day to day activitieswithout having to struggle. For example, there are transportationservices to ferry the disabled from one lecture room to another afterevery two hours of lectures. In conjunction with that, theInstitution offers free therapy classes for the disabled students andseveral reports from the therapy department suggest that many of thehandicapped students that are willing to join the classes for a twohour session every day have actually benefited. As a medicallydisabled individual, it would be in my best interest to be part ofthe University community, in order to achieve my dreams and career asa graduate level adjunct instructor.

Lastly,my interest to invest in the real estate business is best met at theUniversity of Management and Technology. The University not onlyoffers the top courses dealing with management and technology, butalso provides experienced personnel. During my years in the US army,I came across many experienced individuals from the University thatcame in handy when putting up emergency structures such as medicalfacilities including quarantine structures. The U.S. army had manyinterns coming from the Institution and the work they performed wasmagnificent. The University exposes its students to the outside worldlong before they are done with their courses (White, 2010). With thatkind of dedication and early experience, I would be able to givelegit instructions in the real estate business that I have invested.I intend to grow my O`Jon Property Management real estate business,which mainly provides housing for disabled veterans. I believe thiswill require special skills, which I am convinced that I will obtainquite a number of them at the Institution. Moreover, I feel at peaceknowing that I have met several students earlier. Quite a number ofthem have been in the U.S. army hence I am familiar with them. I amconvinced that they will be happy to assist me fill the neededdocuments during the admission period, which will come in handy forme to adjust to the routines and schedules involved. In short, Iwould feel at home during my time at the University, which isconvenient for a student aiming to acquire the best.


White,M. (2010). TheManagement of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach.

Boston.Cengage Learning.