Unauthorized use of data or privacy violation


Unauthorizeduse of data or privacy violation

JULY28, 2016



SUBJECT:Unauthorizeduse of data or privacy violation

Inlight of the request that you made, I conducted a review of theoperations of FaceFriends given the privacy issues that it has withsome of its clients so as to come up with information that will becrucial in addressing the same. The company has been selling personaldata of its clients to businesses and advertisers without the fullconsent of its customers, and this has had a bad effect on itsoperations. I made inquiries on some of the clients of the company,contacted personal privacy experts as well as obtained relevantmaterials about the problem from secondary sources in a bid to helpestablish better ways that could result to better decision-making onthe part of FaceFriends.

Thisreport shows information outlining some basic facts regarding theproblem

1.The actual problem that FaceFriends faces is that its users haveshown discontent because the company sells their private data tothird-party firms without their consent (BERMAN,2011).While the company willingly did this, it was, however, not in badfaith as at that time the management was not aware that it wascrossing the line (Thomas,2016). This is because the company thought that it had ownership ofthis information once the users had given consent of its existence onthe website.

2.There is a huge reason why the users of FaceFriends are upset.This is because such people feel that they are not in control oftheir personal information anymore. They, therefore, have a feelingthat such a measure could predispose them to some risks, given thattheir personal information could be used in a manner that is notappropriate (International Business Times, 2012). They, as a result,would wish for the company to secede from such actions since theyundermine the very trust that they put in it. The users are alsoupset because they feel that FaceFriends does not value them much.This is shown by the fact that it has decided to pass informationthat concerns them to third parties without giving many regards toconsulting with them first.

3.It is clear that businesses and advertisers should not have accessto private information of users because the users have not givenconsent for their information to be used up by third parties(Stephen, 2014). The businesses and advertisers may also sufferproblems in that their image could get tarnished if they get draggedinto court suits by users of FaceFriends as a result of a breach ofprivacy. The bad image could turn out to reduce sales on their partas most potential clients could shy away from trading with suchbusinesses because of lack of trust.

4.FaceFriends appears to have violated some federal laws on privacysuch as the Privacy Act of 1974 that prohibits firms from giving outpersonal data of their clients without their consent (UnitedStates Department of Justice, 2006). This law aims to show that people have a sole ownership of theirpersonal information, and it is wrongful for others to obtain and usesuch information without getting full consent from the owners. Itwould, therefore, be prudent for FaceFriends to shy away from such apractice.


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