Toyota Company Background

ToyotaCompany: Background

Thecompany that will be used in the paper is Toyota, which motorvehicles. It is currently the leading car manufacture in the world,this was not always the case as many other car manufacturingcompanies were ranked above it in the past. This is attributed to thefact that as the company, in the past, had a reputation of producinglow end cars. Its status has been improving over time since itsurpasses the other already established companies in terms ofearnings and profit margins. This was and continues to be achievedthrough different ways that included making cars that were affordableto most people in the society (Magee, 2008). This, in turn, gave thecompany an added advantage over other big brands in the car industrygiven that the cars that are produced by the big companies areaccessible by most people. Toyota also maximized sales bymanufacturing cars that fit all kinds people’s choices includingluxury cars, cheap cars and other types of cars that may be needed bya certain target market. Toyota also invested in third worldcountries that had been ignored by the other established carmanufacture companies such countries have a big population that hasa high demand for affordable cars. All these strategies ended upputting Toyota in a leading position in terms of the vehicle marketshare as it took care of all the other aspects that the itscompetitors had ignored.


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