Things I would do differently


When many people are on their death beds, they reflect back on theirlives and wonder what they could have done differently if they weregiven the chance to live again (Halvorson, 2015). Well, in thispaper, I seek to explain three major things that I think I would dodifferently if I had to live over again. Every person has made one ormore mistakes in life and a chance to live over would provide anopportunity to do things differently and correctly. Even though Ihave lived my life in a way that I have enjoyed, there are variousaspects that I would change if I lived over again.

To start with, I would make sure that I have high self esteem andthat I make decisions without considering what other people feelabout me. While in high school, I would rely heavily on the otherstudents’ reaction to my actions. If I would have the chance tolive over again I would develop confidence at a young age, whichwould enable me to make decisions without having t listen to othervoices. When I completed form four, my career choice was influencedand directed by my peers.

Secondly, if I had the opportunity to live over again, I would avoidconflicts with people and I would also offer apologies to anyone weever had a quarrel or disagreement. In other words, I would make surethat I maintain fruitful relationships with people close to me. Iwould respect other people’s opinions. It is also important toaccord sufficient respect to the elderly in society, as well asfollowing their advice. When people work together as a group, theytend to have great success. In this regard, I would work with otherpeople towards the achievement of some of my goal.

The most successful people in life decided to take some risks, whichthe rest of the people never saw as opportunities. Therefore, if Ihad the opportunity to live over again, I would take more risks. Forinstance, I would take that job, which demands total cooperation andcommitment. My career choice is also one thing I would like tochange. I panicked during my career choice and I allowed my peers todecide for me the course I would take. This would not be the case asI would listen to the inner part of me and take the risk. I wouldalso engage in business activities, which is a risky affair. As theold adage says, it is better to have tried and failed, than nothaving tried at all.

Lastly, I would worry less about the various things happening in mylife. For instance failing to secure a job or admission to auniversity would never worry me. It became apparently clear thatwhatever people tend to worry about paves for a better alternative.For example, one may fail to secure a particular job, and later onget a better job. In conclusion, there three major issues I haveraised that would be subject to change if I had to live over my lifeagain. Lacking the fear and the worry over some issues, havingself-confidence, and taking risks would be the issues I would change.Mending and maintaining my relationships with the various peopleclose to me would be a priority.


Halvorson, H. G. (2015).&nbsp9 things successful people dodifferently. Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Review Press.