The Shawshank Redemption

TheShawshank Redemption

The ShawshankRedemption has been presented both as a book and film. Inthe novel,BrooksHatlen is described as a tough individual whose incarceration isjustified. He has a degree in animal husbandry and works as theprison librarian since he is one of the few college-literate inmates.Brook does not play a bigger role in the novel. He appears in a fewscenes as a strategy to set up Andy’s new Job as the Librarian inShawshank. King, in the book, does not follow up on Brooks’ lifeoutside prison. Instead, the book observes that after parole, Brookleft to die as an old man (Darabont).

In contrast,the movie indicates a different story line for Brooks while he isincarcerated. He plays a fundamental role as a composite characterwhere he represents Sherwood Bolton. Brooks finds a crow hatchlingthat had fallen out of a nest located near the license plate shop andnamed it Jake. The bird represents Sherwood’s pet in the novellaonly that it is a crow and not a pigeon. In the movie, Brooksattempts to murder Heywood after his parole. Although Andy latercalms him down, Brooks’ key intention was to extend his stay inprison (Darabont).

As part ofthe changes by Darabont, the movie follows Brooks outside the jail toshow his astonishment by the shifts in the world after being inprison for an extended period. He complains that the world is in ahurry. The parole board gives him a house called ‘TheBrewer’and a job at the food way where he bagged groceries. Brooks hatedworking at the store. As he writes to his fellow inmates, he informsthem about the difficulties he faces in the free world. He complainsthat he lives in constant fear and is tired of bagging vegetables atthe shop. He also informs them that he is tired of perturbation andgoes ahead to hang himself after carving “Brooks was here” in theceiling beam (Darabont).

Darabont madethe changes to show that long-term incarceration can have a profoundmeaning for someone since it is the only life known by paroledinmates. The 50-year incarceration had made Brooks institutionalized(Darabont). After learning about his exoneration, the directorcreates a scene where Brook attacks his fellow inmate with anintention of killing so he could extend his life in the reformatory.It indicates that he did not have an idea of what to once he wasreleased. After having a house and a job, Brooks stated that hewanted to get back to prison by intending to kill his boss andstealing from the shop. Darabont further creates a scene where Brookscarves, “Brooks was here” as a sign that although he failed tosurvive in the outside world, he needed people to know that he hadlived once as a free man (Darabont).

BrooksCharacter parallels that of Red since they had encountered the samecircumstances in the penitentiary. Both characters entered theconfines of Shawshank as youths and left as old men. Consequently,they had seen most inmates come and complete their sentences(Darabont). Their extended stay had made them institutionalized inthe facility. Red attempted two unsuccessful paroles and succeeded onthe third. Darabont`s changes in the movie help to indicate that Red,unlike Brook, was able to survive in the outside world.


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