The Next Evangelicalism

TheNext Evangelicalism

TheNext Evangelicalism by Soon-Chan Rah

Rah,an assistant professor of theology at North Park Theological Seminaryobserves that Evangelicalism as a movement has lost touch with theAmerican tradition. She outlines that if the current trendsperpetuate, the ideology will gradually cease to exist. The bookindicates that apostolic works are falling behind the culturalalteration in the United States and the rest of the world(Rah, 2009).For it to remain relevant and influential in the Christian movementit has to embrace change and cultural inclusiveness. Rah is criticalthat the poor engagement of the immigrants who are gospel-thirsty isdetractive for evangelicalism (Rah,2009).It is necessary to shift from the Western orientation and adapt toethnic diversity.

Thebook has two major premises among others from which the author makeshis point. First, the future of the church lies in the non-Whiteglobal communities. The current trend ties the church to the Westernmanifestations and systems of thought. The rationale for Rah’sreasoning is that while there is a decline in Christianity among theWhites in the United States countries, there is a recorded increasein the minority groups. By 2050, it is estimated that majority ofthe people in the United States will be non-White (Rah,2009).Therefore, to ensure the survival of the church, the leaders shouldshun the religious systems that are instigated by White traditions.

Secondly,the book holds that the current world view of evangelizationlacerates the progression of the church by promoting culturalimperialism that is misconstrued as biblical theology. Therepresentation of the gospel as contextualized in a White settingrenders the faith as the most genuine. Therefore, Christians fromother communities are forced to adopt the outlined practices. Thephilosophy blinds people from understanding the diversity of thechurch. The author indicates that it is ineffective to evangelize ina non-native community without contextualizing the gospel.


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