The Mask You Live In


TheMask You Live In

Thefilm “TheMask You Live In”concerns how boys can be guided to grow as “men” and what a realman means in today’s society. The film has eye-opening interviewswhere experts, role models, and teachers are involved in providingtheir experiences. Also, teens, men, and young boys share theirencounters. The film clearly shows the “boy crisis” in societyand how to combat it (Norris, 2015).

WhatI found sociologically interesting in the film was the difference inthe way boys of various ages conveyed their emotions. Young boys wereprone to express their closest associations using terms such as“caring” and “love.” As the boys aged, they stopped using theterms. Above a simple alteration of semantics, this was arepresentation of a fundamental shift away from closeness in theassociations themselves. It was also interesting to notice that bythe time boys reached adolescence, they largely lost intimacy intheir associations with other boys as well as men. This wasinteresting because boys behaved in a way that suggested thatintimacy is a feminine aspect so, they have to leave it to identifywith men.

Oneof the themes that emerge in the film is that of intimacy. From themovie, the element of intimacy tends to be associated with femalessince they are in a position to maintain their closeness when youngand old (Norris, 2015). Boys are indicated to be intimate when young,but they lose it when they grow older. Another theme that the filmbrings is that of equality between boys and men. The movie shows thatthere is a struggle for boys as they try to become men (Norris,2015).


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