The Effect of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality

TheEffect of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality

TheEffect of Nature and Nurture in the Development of Personality

Theroles played by nature and nurture in the process of development ofthe personality have been controversial for many years. Studies arecontinuing to show that both nature and nurture make somecontributions, but the main issue is the determination of which oneof them has a greater influence. This paper will show which onebetween nature and nurture plays the major role.

Thedevelopment of personality has historically been attributed tonurturing practices. This implies that the environment has asignificant influence on the type of personality adopted by anindividual. The findings of the longitudinal study reported by NoeticMind Research (2016) indicated that the environment to which one isexposed played a critical role in molding the personality. Forexample, shared and unshared environment, which is characterized bythe quality of parent-child interaction, has a direct associationwith the antisocial personality.

Althoughmodern researchers do not refute the idea that the environment has arole to play in the development of the personality, empirical studiesindicate that most of the aspects of the personality are inherited.The genetic influence on the development of the personality isconfirmed by the fact that some traits are shared among people withbiological connections. For example, studies have confirmed thatgenetic predisposition determine the heritability of strong mentaldisorders (such as schizophrenia and autism) and other psychologicaltraits, including emotions and intelligence (Noetic Mind Research,2016). This longitudinal study confirmed that the level of change aswell as stability in personality traits is largely determined bygenetics.

Fromthis analysis, is evident that neither nurture nor nature hasabsolute influence on the development of personality. However, natureis considered to play a dominant role because most of the traits thatcomprise one’s personality are inherited. The environment ornurturing only plays the role of facilitating the expression oftraits that one was born with.


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