Inrecent years, the Bible has gained significant criticism and attacksfrom contemporary liberals. Some people have come out questioning theauthority and inerrancy of the Bible. The authors’ ability have notbeen lucky either as they have also been questioned over theirability. However, all this does not go on without other scholarsproviding proof that the bible is truly a God inspired book. Theyhave cited several reasons and pieces of evidence presenting theBible as the word of God.

Paisleybegins his defense of the Bible by asserting what the Bible claimsabout God and itself. He says the Bible claims to be the word of Godby declaring its complete infallibility and its divine authority.1The bible`s words are grounded upon God’s own words.2In 1 Thess 2:13, Paul quotes saying, “Ye received the word of God–Ye received it not as the word of men but as it’s in truth the wordof God.”

Thesecond reason is the consolidative aspect, unity, and continuity ofthe word of God. The bible has 66 books, written by an array ofauthors coming from different generations over a period of amillennium and a half.3In all the years of the authors, none denounced the word of God. Thediversity created makes a reader wonder about the unanimity of theBook and comes to a conclusion that only One Divine Mind could dothis.

Theveracity of the fulfilled prophesies of the Bible remain the mostremarkable features of the Bible. The fulfilled prophecies can onlyshow that Yahweh was true to His word.4From the Israelite bondage in Egypt, their exile in Babylon, thecoming of a promised Messiah, and salvation of the Gentiles, all wereprophesized, and the word realized with time. However, with all thereasons presenting God as the sole mind behind the bible, someobjections towards its inspiration still manifest.

Somepeople suggest that the Bible is not the word of God but contains theword of God. They see the Bible as an object written by mere authorsin human form.5In Lk 24: 44, Jesus addresses the issue and says what was drafted inthe laws of Moses and Psalms were His words and had to be fulfilled.Similarly, others have cited discrepancies in the Bible, which makeit not true to its word.6In conclusion, the Bible has passed the test of time and has provenitself as God’s true word to the world. It continues to showremarkable continuity and wisdom that only a divine being canpresent.

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