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and Turn It In

Theremany challenges facing woman as a result of inherited socialconstruct. Women are seen unable to balance between being greatbusiness persons or organizational leaders while at the same timebeing exceptional mothers. When they attempt to do so, they areeither depicted as failures in one of the field. For instance, whenMayer took Yahoo CEO Job while pregnant, she was criticized forlacking professional judgment later the heat was turned on her againwhen she took a maternity leave(Tajlili,&nbsp2014). There is a need for women to fully integrate their personal andcareer lives. This can be advanced through the adoption ofcounseling, KCM, and SFT models. These models enable women toprioritize and help them in making valuable decisions. Therefore,they will integrate their past, present and future by having a greatinsight in the societal and environmental forces at play in theirlives (Tajlili,&nbsp2014).Consequently, they will be able to make intentional careerdevelopment decision.

Turnin it

Thissoftware is designed to check the originality of researchers’academic papers against over 8 billion websites(Bretag, 2016).Academicians have ethics and regulations that are used to guide them.These rules ensure that people don’t copy someone’s content andpresent it as their own on any platform. It encourages academiciansto use the instruments of research for the purpose of enhancing theirthoughts and arguments without plagiarism, which is considered animmoral crime against copyright. Thus, Turn It In, helps academiciansto uphold the integrity against copying someone content withoutproperly acknowledging and giving credit to the source. Thus, itpromotes discipline in the field of research. Turn It In, in thiscase, helped me to check and make sure that I had written originalcontent or paraphrased and given credit where due to the author Icopied or used his statements and ideas.


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