Sub-Cultural Segmentation



Sub-culturalsegmentation and consumption patterns

Asa differentiating factor, lifestyle in diverse subcultures isreflected by varying interests, activities and opinions. As a resultof the diversity, businesses are coming up with different goods andservices specifically designed to suit particular subcultures sharingsame sets of values (Dawson, 2014). This is a marketing strategy thathas had an effect after I purchased a fancy motorbike that wasallegedly associated with outlaw bikers or punks by my parents. Theysighted that such a purchase indicated that I belonged to thatcertain segment of the society. In another instance, afterdiscovering that I had purchased an ecstasy drug, distress was notonly felt by my parents but by my grandparents as well.

Afterthe motorbike purchase for instance, my parents argued that thepurchase indicated that I had joined a certain segment of the societythat was generally regarded with gangs. They were highly concernedthat I had affiliated myself with a group that normally has mystiquevalues associated with crime. For this reason, it is worth notingthat motorbike purchase is strongly associated with this segment ofthe consumers who have proved to have high levels of brand loyalty.Therefore, motorbike brand identification represented a set of valuesthat preceded that particular purchase.

Thepurchase of an ecstasy drug was as a result of the trend culturehappening among my peers. My grandparents criticized that purchaseidentifying it with the current culture that is characterized bysexual freedom, self-fulfillment and drug culture. While I arguedthat I was being right my lifestyle culture, they argued that itdemonstrated the retrogression of social norms previously highlyregarded.


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