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Many people who go into various professions strive to reach the topof their careers. Numerous people have little regard of what theirfriends, families and workmates will say about their achievements. Atthe end of everyone’s career, there is always a discussion bypeople associated with the person regarding his or her career(Mallory 44). Every person would love to hear positive comments abouthis or her career. At the end of my career, I would like to hearpositive comments about the achievements that I made. On the otherhand, I would like to hear the aspects that I ought to have improvedon.

I would like to hear people making comments regarding the role Iplayed in educating people on how to trade in stocks. During mycareer as a stock broker, I assisted numerous people who neededknowledge on how to trade in stocks. Trading in stocks, especiallyfor people who do not have a background knowledge in finance mayprove extremely difficult. I feel that I played a crucial role inhelping friends and relatives to trade profitably in stocks. Hearingpeople making appreciative comments and statements regarding the roleI played would be very rewarding. Additionally, this would make surethat I realize whatever I did was not in vain. Subsequently, I wouldlike to hear people associating their success in stock trade with theskills and knowledge I offered them.

Secondly, at the end of my career as a stock trader, I would love tohear the critics’ voice. Criticism is one of the best ways throughwhich people learn of their mistakes and make the necessary changes.It is a fact that during my career as a stock broker, there are somemistakes that I might have made. Since in future I might have peopleseeking my advice and guidance with regards to stock broking, it isimportant to listen to the critics. This would enable me to changeand improve on the various issues that I might find useful.Additionally, the criticism would ensure that I offer the best adviceto prospecting stock brokers. Some of the advice that I offeredincluded the need to realize that stock broking is a journey, theneed to have a plan for every trade and having a stable cash flow.Some critics might find some flaws in the advice that I offer andthey would point this out.

Lastly, I would love to hear people say that I was successful in mycareer. Everyone would love to hear people praising them andappreciating them for what they did during their careers. Although Iconsider myself as being extremely successful, it would be a greatexperience to hear the same message from friends, relatives andformer business partners. This would cement the belief that I have ofbeing an astute stock trader.

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