Statement of Purpose


Statementof Purpose


Statementof Purpose

Beinga student of language specializing in Spanish, I have always beenfascinated by the way people in the United States put a lot of effortto learn Spanish in order to communicate effectively with people inthe Spanish communities. The curious nature in me brought up myfondness of the Spanish language. I heard about stories of how peoplestruggled to learn the Spanish language. I admired the excitement ofteaching these English speakers in the United States how to speakSpanish fluently.

Ihave already obtained a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from theUniversity of Arizona and presently working as a para-educator in aschool, concentrating on assisting students from the United Statesand other countries to learn how to write and speak the Spanishlanguage.

Therefore,I desire to pursue an MAE in Spanish Education to assist me build anin-depth understanding from a language point of view in order toimprove language proficiency. Moreover, an MAE in Spanish Educationwill also assist me establish the correct comprehension of thecurrent Spanish language problems by learning how to identify andsolve problems.

Fortunately,the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers the ideal MAE in SpanishEducation that will allow me fulfill my future goal of teachingpeople in colleges the Spanish language. The University of Nebraskaat Kearney has diversity in students form, state of the artfacilities, and an experienced faculty. Another essential factorworth mentioning is that the university is located in Nebraska, wherethe environment is perfect for learning. Thus, these are the perfectingredients to improve my Spanish language knowledge.

TheMAE in Spanish Education program at the University of Nebraska atKearney will provide me with the capability of understanding theSpanish language from a perspective of students and teachers. Thisprogram will give me the necessary training to learn how to teachstudents as a teacher by using effective teaching methods that havebeen known to provide the best outcomes. With the bachelor degreethat I have already obtained in Spanish from the University ofArizona, I have attained the learning ability, as well as acommitment to pursue the MAE in Spanish Education program at theUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney that would assist me to establishmyself as a Spanish teacher.

Ido not want to be a Spanish businessman in the United Statesinstead, I want to be a Spanish teacher in colleges where I can teachpeople the Spanish language. I will apply all the knowledge andskills that I will learn from the MAE in Spanish Education program atthe University of Nebraska at Kearney. I will learn how to teachstudents who do not speak the Spanish language how to effectivelylearn to speak the language. I look forward to learning essentialteaching skills at the university that will allow me to understandhow to provide students in colleges with the ability to learn theSpanish language effectively. As the Chinese saying puts it, if yougive a man a fish, a man will be fed only for a day, but if you wantto feed a man for a lifetime, you will need to teach a man fishingskills.