Statement of Purpose for a Course in Programming

Statementof Purpose for a Course in Programming

Statementof Purpose for a Course in Programming

Becominga programmer has been my primary goal of life. In this era wheretechnology is the driving force of our economy, programming plays acentral role. I am a big fan of computer games, and sometimes I getfrustrated when I find out that some features need to be adjustedthis has been the case from childhood. It is at this point that Ipromised myself to participate in the creation of games, which willaddress the full requirements of the users. Even though developmentof games was the driving force, introduction to programming classeschanged my perception on the career. I realized that it does not justinvolve gaming, but other relevant technical fields.

Myinterest in this field has been enhanced by the many books that Ihave read on this area. Most of them have inspired me on how tobecome a great programmer. However, I realized the amount ofeducation and input required to pursue the career is high, as thecourse also requires a lot of practicality. For this reason, I amalways hopeful to one day contribute to the development andimprovement or develop software that will assist any technical field.

Asan active member of programming club that focuses on sharpeningprogramming skills, I realized how much I could help inspire otherbeginners in the programming career to advance in theirproficiencies. From the club, I have had the chance to sharpen myskills in brainstorming, which will be an important aspect during mycoursework as well as in my career. Therefore, it will be aninnovative platform where new ideas and inventions will be shared toproduce quality and helpful programs (Victoria University, 2016). Thegroups that we developed to come up with set up objectives acted as achallenge in terms of how teamwork ensures that objectives aredelivered in time. I was challenged by the amount of cooperation wehad to put to get the desired results in time. Being a leader in thisteam, the aspect of pushing agendas in the effort to meet deadlineswas revealed. It is related to efficiency in programming whichinvolves the ability to come up with tasks and results within aspecified period. In essence, the experiences I have had willcontribute significantly to my future ability to work with coursemates, colleagues, and clients to produce the expected results.

Iam aware that one of the requirements in the field is the knowledgeof mathematics. I have a particular interest in the probability topicof mathematics. In addition, I have made the need to spend some partof my time in solving mathematical problems one of my hobbies. Inparticular, I usually spend some time to solve mathematical puzzlesin books as well as some of the programming trivia that are availableon the computer. They have provided me with valuable insight on howto come up with various programming languages that help to accomplishvaried tasks (Victoria University., 2016). It is my belief thatconstant engagement in such activities will increase my prowess andabilities in programming.

Ibelieve that the Faculty of computer science will be the best placeto further my career in programming. I have come to this conclusiondue to the reputation of the faculty and the number of professionalsit has. Some of my friends who have undertaken their study in thedepartment usually praise the excellent services they received. Theyare also pleased with the learning atmosphere and the researchesbeing carried out in the faculty. I wish to have the chance oflearning from them too. Securing an admission with the college willbe the biggest achievement I have ever had.


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