Starry Night and Reclining Nude


are some of the paintings from thepast that have sparked passions among art enthusiasts in the modernsociety. Although they were painted during the same historicalperiod, they are very different. This paper compares the two piecesof art, mainly based on the era, elements and what influenced theartists.

Starry Night is one of the greatest paintings from thepost-impressionist period. It was painted in 1889 by a Dutch artist,Vincent van Gogh, who was influenced by nature. The art depicts theview of the landscape of an ideal settlement from a window beforesunrise. The features in the painting illustrate nature and thebeauty associated with it. This includes the sky, blazing stars,swirling clouds, and a brightly shining moon. At the horizon, thereis a small town, illustrating the peaceful quintessence of the night.However, it is easy to note that some of the features of the art areexaggerated, for example, the moon and stars (van Gogh, 1889).

The Reclining Nude (1935) by Henri Matisse represents a differentform of art, which depicts an adult female reclining on a chair. Thepainting was influenced by the woman body, which is evident from thefact that the female figure is emphasized using a bright color. Thepiece of art represents the popularity of female nude painting in theFrench society during the post-impressionist era. Additionally, theabstract nature of the art is evident. For example, there arepatterns of abstract geometric objects in the background (Matisse,1935).

Therefore, there are similarities and differences in the twopaintings. Although different things influenced the artists, they areboth from the post-impressionist era. Vincent van Gogh was influencedby the landscape and nature, while the female body was the chiefinfluence in the Henri Matisse’s painting.


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