Social Responsibility in Business Case Discussions


Question 1

The ethical dilemma in the case is that the donor who sexuallyassaulted Peggy is a valuable asset in the blood drive. He hasimmense influence in the company because he is a senior manager, andhe has a rare-type blood. On the other hand, Mary has theresponsibility of protecting her juniors from any form of abuse. Ifshe keeps mum about the issue, she would have failed Peggy. If shespeaks up, she might jeopardize the entire blood drive.

In this instance, Peggy should report the matter to the corporatehuman resource without the knowledge of the pervert. She should makeit clear that she is not interested in working with the manager butshe will be open to continue with the rest of the corporation in theblood drive.

Question 2 (a)

I would leave the matter as it is because although Pat is adrug-user, the habit does not get in the way of his work. Thisdecision is right in that it will maintain peace at the work place,and Pat will be able to keep feeding his family.

Alternatively, I would go to senior managers to report the issuesince Pat’s immediate manager ignored the issue. The decision willclear my conscience but then I will have created enmity with Pat andhis immediate manager. The last thing a junior employee wants is tohave make an enemy of their superior.

Question 2 (b)

Being a full committee member, I would demand that I be accorded thesame treatment as others. The other four members will hate me for it.However, I will get the respect I deserve.

I could also report the matter to the appointing authority. This willexpose their behavior to prevent them from replicating in futurecommittees with minorities. However, they might deny it and say thatI was lying.

Question 2 (c)

I would not consider it as conflict of interest because the deal wasalready cemented. I would celebrate on his bill because it was a kindgesture. On the positive side, the decision will advance the goodrelationship with Green Company. However, the executive may use thegesture to demand for favors in future.

Alternatively, I would take the offer and make it clear that heshould not use the gesture to seek favors in future. The decisionwould seem rude or ungrateful but then I would have cleared the airabout the nature of our relationship.

Question 2 (d)

I would report to my superiors that the manager is being negligent ofsomething that could cost the restaurant a lawsuit. The manager wouldfeel betrayed but I would have done my part as a responsible citizen.

I would also check the milk myself to find the spoilt packets. Theaction is tedious and I will derail in my other tasks. I could evenget fired.

Question 2 (e)

I would tell the truth that Pat is making up the expense. Thedecision will save the company a lot of money. Pat would also loseher job.

I could also ask Pat to return the money or else I will tell thetruth. I would have saved her job and the company resources.

Question 3

Ford executives have taken it upon themselves to ensure a safeenvironment by promoting sustainable energy sources. According toFriedman, the company engages in such social responsibility actsbecause businesses are not just private entities meant to absolvetheir owners of any liability. Corporations have a human side toobecause they are run by human beings. Freeman on the other hand wouldhave attributed Ford’s CSR program to a corporation’sresponsibility in taking care of its stakeholders. The humanpopulation and the environment are among the many stakeholders thatFord should take care of.