Social Media Zombies


Ever since the creation of social media, many people have becomezombies. People are no longer in control of their minds becausesocial media has overcome them. Some have lost the self drive torefrain from visiting their social media pages even when they haveurgent matters that need their attention. Some of the affected peoplehave lost their jobs because they have become useless employees.

I selected exploring social media zombie because I once had a problemwith social media a few years back. I remember finding it extremelyhard to go an hour before checking on one of my social mediaaccounts. Every morning I would wake up check my social media pagesfor an hour, then precede to my day’s schedule. At night, beforesleeping, I would also go through social media before I could dozeoff. In the middle of the day, I would sneak around just to check onsocial media, including during class hours. During the weekends, Iwould wake up early in the morning, go through social media, and thenwake up at 12 to take breakfast. After going on a break of about 2hours, I would the rest on the couch and continue perusing throughsocial media pages.

The habit was making me a zombie. I could not do most of the thingsthat I was planning to. One day when I did a search on the internet,I found out that social media was an addiction to many people in thesociety. It controls the way people think, speak, and act. Socialmedia has created a homogeneous society that is devoid of creativityand free thinkers. Social media has created a society of zombies.