Significant of walls


Walls have great significance and value, which varies fromseparation, protection, art and their biblical connotation. Anenormous importance that walls have in my life is that of security.Around the home compound, there is a wall that serves as a deterrentto intruders hence offering the necessary security. Additionally, thehouse walls have always provided a perfect place for hanging picturesand paints. Another artistic value that I have associated with thewalls is the paintings and posters that can be done on walls. Lastly,I have realized that walls across the people’s homes act asseparation agents. This is where walls separate one homestead fromthe other and serve as boundaries. However, Moore has made me realizethe architectural value of walls where walls are made in specificstructural designs (Moore, 1979).

I have numerous experiences with walls that I can share with theclass. To start with, I am conversant with the idiom of nailingsomeone to the wall. This is a phrase that my teacher at early yearswould use when punishing learners. I came to realize that walls are asign of deterring bad behavior. Another expression about walls that Iwould love to share is “back against the wall”. This is anexpression that asserts that someone is hard pressed and has nooption or a way out. This is the role of protection that walls playin their structural nature. Moore’s article relates to that ofAbbott in that both have given the value that walls have concerningart. Abbott focuses mainly on the inspiring nature of wallpapers. Thewall hangings and paintings that Moore talks about in the articlerelate to the inspiring nature of walls discussed by Abbott.


Moore, M. (1979). On the Signification of Walls in Verbal andVisual Art. London: The MIT Press. Vol 12, No. 4.