Sibling Similarities



Similaritiesbetween my sibling and myself

Siblingsshare genetic similarities but in most cases, they may pick differentbehavioral characters. Under normal circumstances, siblings shareboth parents and similar environment and a common upbringing. Inother cases, siblings are bred in different environments and oftenshare one of the parents. It is considered that most siblings broughtup in a similar environment and same parents, they have similaritiesin their interests, preferences, and dislikes (Teryn, 2008). It isconcluded that the environmental exposure may make these childrenperceive some things better than others as often they learn fromadults. The essay will discuss similarities between my sibling andme.

Mysister and I are biological siblings. We resemble a lot in that atfacial look one may confuse one for the other. Physical size differsslightly though not noticeable at a sight. In most cases, one has tofit a dress to determine that body sizes slightly differ. We arefortunate to grow under one roof and got nurtured by our bothparents. Despite our differences in age, we were treated similarly asthe age gap was narrow. As kids, we developed a taste for playingwith dolls. However, outdoor games thrilled us most and we wouldspend longer time playing together outside.

Aswe grew, we would share ideas and borrow interests from one another.That way, we grew to be free with each other and preferred spendinglonger time together. As we talked we would discuss what was best forus and make decisions that would best suit us. We dreamed of havingstable families of our own and growing old together. We would makeoften trips to Disney a thing we love to date.

Inaddition, we are both lovers of traveling and it is a hobby thatdelights us. Eventually, during our time together we met two malesiblings who became the love of our lives. We married the twosiblings and today we lead a happy life. The marriage did not taketime at the same time as there was a difference in two years.

Thedifference in marriage period caused an age gap in our children butwe are both proud mothers. Our first born who happen to be daughtersis two years apart. Another coincidence happened in that our sonsalso are also two years apart. We may say that it was not a plan butit is a coincidence that pleasures us. We are both working moms andwe spare time for our kids. We desire to bring up our children in thebest way possible and this is a dream we strive to achieve.

Weoften discuss children discipline and advice one another accordingly.We share a dream of bettering ourselves. We both love investments andwe work hard to ensure that we are successful in future. We loveacquiring knowledge that we often share with one another and getadvice when necessary.

Inconclusion, a sibling may or may not share characters but oftenresemble some extent (Teryn, 2008). In my case, my sister and I havea lot in common. We have grown together as best of friends and gotmarried by siblings. We share a hobby of traveling and trips toDisney are most exciting. We are both working mothers who try theirbest to bring up disciplined children. We often have similar tastesthough they slightly differ in some cases. We also share dreams ofbeing knowledgeable and successful in future.


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