Sharon Case Study

SharonCase Study

SharonCase Study


Alcoholism is a problem that manifests itself when the affectedindividual is undergoing a stressful situation. Sharon’s case is anindication of a patient suffering from loneliness and resorted toexcessive drinking that has led to her arrest. A treatment plan isproposed seeks to provide guidelines to help Sharon in managing thecondition. Aspects highlighted include the goals and services neededto facilitate the recovery process of Sharon. Finally, the ethicaland legal aspects as well are considered for the role they play indetermining the type of interventions to help the patient inrecovery.

Keywords: treatment plan, recovery



Sharon is undergoing a distressful situation because of the issuesshe is experiencing in her life. She has recently been arrested andcharged with driving while intoxicated. Further, she admits to beinglonely and single, not having someone she can relate toaffectionately.


The decision to engage in substance abuse is an indication of theproblems she is facing. It is a sign of trying to overcome the lonelythoughts she is having. She has resorted to visiting Willy’s Pub,where she feels being more comfortable. The company she finds therecan be said as helping her overcome her loneliness.


The goal of the treatment plan is to assist Sharon to overcome herproblems. The short-term goal is to help her quit drinking andembrace leading an alcohol-free life. Further, the treatment planfocuses on helping her learn how to conduct herself and aid in makingher gain confidence in dating. The long-term goal would beinstrumental in facilitating her ability to interact with males andincrease her chances of getting a partner. Alcoholism could be ahindering factor in affecting her social behavior (Sayette et al.,2012)


In the long-run, she should have quit the drinking habit while at thesame time start conducting herself in a responsible way. Hopefully,in the course of time, she would have gotten someone she can date.


Make arrangement for her to join an alcoholic support group, as a wayof enabling her to learn the trick of quitting drinking. Further, shecan engage in social activities and interact with friends, to helpincrease chances of getting a partner.


The social support group would offer essential services in helpingher overcome her challenges.

Legal andEthical Considerations to be Taken

It is essential to respect the fact that she is heterosexual, and herdecision to choose a partner must be respected.


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