Scholarship Essay


Mythoughts and dreams have always centered on science as far as I canremember. I have never dreamt of doing anything without scienceconnections in my life. It is more than just a profession. It is apassionate adventure which I believe will ultimately lead to mysatisfaction. Off late, I have been drawn to the nursing field due tothe satisfaction I get from bringing back a smile on the faces ofindividuals who are in pain. I am more appealed to improve the livesof individuals. After my undergraduate program, I aspire to furthermy studies in this field and enroll in the school of medicine fromwhere I will be a certified nurse. I, therefore, have a strong beliefthat the program will act as a springboard to my future endeavors ifI secure a chance.

Myacademic results throughout the demanding curriculum have beenexemplary. Averagely, I have been able to maintain a grade 4. Myactive roles in the medical field can be traced back in high schoolwhen I was part of the observation program that mentored medics. Ialso offered voluntary services at Sparrow health care in therespiratory department. These experiences have made me familiar withthe medical settings and washed away the fears that cropped up when Ifirst set foot in the environment (Sandys, 2015). My focused,hardworking, and team working character are some of the traits thatconfirm that I was meant to be in this field.

Ibelieve that the knowledge I will acquire will be essential to mycommunity now and even in the future. I will compare what I willacquire after the program and what is being practiced and incorporatethe advanced techniques in order to achieve quality service provisionto the residents of my locality. I will be grateful if consideredthank you.


Sandys,J.E. (2015). AHistory of Classical Scholarship.Cambridge University.