SCA Pharmaceutical Company


SCAPharmaceutical Company

SCAPharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceuticalcompanies play a critical role of manufacturing products that aresupplied to hospitals and pharmacies. The usefulness of apharmaceutical company to public health can be measured by itscapacity to manufacture products that address critical issues (suchas the cost of health care) that belittle the health care system. 1,2This paper will analyze a pharmaceutical company known as the SCA,with a focus on its history and products.

Historyof SCA Pharmaceutical

SCAis a pharmaceutical company that was founded in the year 2009. It isestimated that SCA Pharmaceutical has a total of 22 employees andannual revenue of approximately $ 2,800,000. 3Othermembers of the top leadership include Matt White (Director ofPharmacy), Matt Grave (Chief Operating Officer), and Michelle Wood(Vice President of Sales. The company has grown within a period of afew years of its existence to become a leader in the production ofdrugs used in the field of sterile compounding. SCA specializes inthe production of sterile pharmaceutical products that are customizedto suit the specific needs of heath care facilities and pharmaciesnationwide. 4The company has been pursuing the goal of enhancing efficiency andlowering the cost of delivering health care. Although SCA has arelatively short history, given its few years of existence, it hasmanaged to acquire certification as an outsourcing company in allstates.

Productsmanufactured by the SCA

PHENYLephrineHCl 50 mg in 0.9% Sodium Chloride 250 ml is one of the key drugs thatare manufactured by SCA Pharmaceuticals. 5This drug is prescribed when there is a need to restore the optimumblood pressure following a shock

SCAalso produces Glycopyrrolate Injection. This injection is applied inthe health care settings as a preoperative antimuscarinic that reducetracheobronchial, salivary, and pharyngeal secretion. 6It protects patients from peripheral muscarinic effects.

SCAPharmaceutical also acts as a certified drug compounding company. Theword compounding means that the company produces a wide range ofdrugs that are not marketed under a specific brand. Compounded drugsare produced by mixing different components as per the requirementsof an individual client. 6These are personalized drugs that are produced to address a medicalcondition affecting an individual patient.

Inaddition, SCA specializes in the delivery of pre-filled oral syringesthat are distributed through the hospital pharmacies. Some of themost common pre-fill syringes include hydromorphone 0.2 mg per ml andhydromorphine 1 mg per ml. 4Hydromorphone and hydromorphine are analgesic drugs. Other painmanagement products manufactured by SCA include Bupivacaine,Methadone, Remifentanil, Sufentail, and Meperidne. Other types oforal syringes produced by SCA include diazepam, lorazepam, methadone,hydrocodone, opium tincture, meperidine, vancomycin, andPhenobarbital.


SCAis one of the Pharmaceutical firms that have experienced a lot ofissues with regard to the quality and effectiveness of the productsthat they offer in the market. The company has made a voluntaryrecall several times. For example, the management decided to recall 1mg/5 ml Syringes and Glycopyrrolate Injection in January 2015. 6However, the circumstances that resulted in this product recall wereunclear to FDA. PHENYLephrine HCl 50 mg was classified as a pendingrecall by FDA on June 3, 2015. 7

Outsourcingproducts and services

SCAis known for the production and the distribution of anti-infective aswell as antibiotic products to pharmacies and hospitals. Some of thecommon types of anti-infections manufactured by SCA includeVancomycin and Cefazolin. 4Vancomycin is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterialinfections, including the skin, bloodstream, and intestineinfections. Cefazolin is also an antibiotic used to treat joint,heart valve, skin, bone, and respiratory tract infections.

Moreover,SCA aims to become a center of excellence in production of drugs usedin the treatment of cardiovascular drugs. This is confirmed by a widerange of cardiovascular treatment drugs that are produced by thecompany, which include Phenylephrine, Adenosine, Atropine,Amiodarone, Esmolol, Diltiazem, Milrinone, Labetalol, andnorepinephrine. 4This wide range of drugs ensures that SCA has offered a solution tomost of the heart diseases.

TheSCA also manufactures several electrolytes. Examples of electrolytesthat are manufactured by SCA include calcium glutamate, calciumchloride, potassium chloride, potassium acetate, sodium phosphate,sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium. 4Most of these electrolytes are used treat to deficiency conditions.For example, calcium gluconate is prescribed for patients sufferingfrom a serious calcium deficiency, which is common in people withhypoparathyroidism and hypocalcemic tetany. 8

Hospitalsuse a large number of drugs and chemicals in their labor and deliveryrooms. SCA manufactures a wide range of these products, which includeoxytocin, epidurals, lidocaine, and ephedrine. 4These drugs are administered under different conditions. For example,oxytocin is administered when there is a need to speed up the laborprocess, cause artificial contraction of the uterus, and stopbleeding after delivery. 9

Additionally,some of the products that are manufactured by SCA are used in variousactivities in the operating rooms. These products include thebuffered Lidocaine, Cefazolin, Atropine, Fentanyl, Bupivacaine,Labetalol, Glycopyrrolate, Ropivacaine, Neostigmine, Midazalam, andSufentanil. 4A large number of the products used in the operating rooms (includingSufentanil) are analgesic.

TheSCA produce and sell O.R anesthesia ready-to-use syringes. Thesesyringes are convenient for anesthesia trays and carts. The purposeof producing these syringes was to minimize medication errors,enhance compliance with the requirements of the Joint Commission, andreduce waste. 4These syringes are put in containers and labeled according to therequests of an individual health care facility. In addition,pre-filled oral syringes contain pain killer, antibiotic, andsedative medications.

Apartfrom the manufacturing of drugs, SCA produce specialty and standardcontainers. Some of the common types of containers include HospiraPCA vials, Hospira LifeCare bags, Viaflex bags, Baxter Aviva, CovidenMonoject Syringes, MOOG Curlin bags, and Smith Medical CADDCassettes, among others. 10


TheSCA is a pharmaceutical company that was established with theultimate objective of helping health care facilities and pharmaciesdeliver health care services and products effectively and at aminimum cost. The company has managed to create a market share in thefield of sterile compounding. The success of SCA can be attributed toits strong team of leaders, which is headed by a CEO who have aworking experience of about four decades in the area of sterilecompounding. However, the increase in the incidents of product recallhas damaged the company’s brand image.


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