Safety Score Improvement Plan for Health Delivery Inc

SafetyScore Improvement Plan for Health Delivery Inc

Studyof Factors

APatient Safety Issue

Severalpatient safety issues affect Health Delivery Inc. These safety issuesinclude the cross-cutting systems. For example, you might find thathealth deterioration is a major issue affecting patient’s safety inHealth Delivery Inc. Health deterioration is a major concernespecially in the maternity wards since they are linked to birthenvironments where maximum hygiene and sanitation must be maintained.One example of health deterioration problem in the maternity wards issepsis among both the mothers and the babies. This is an infectionwhere harmful bacteria and toxins affect the wounds. Sepsis is amajor concern since when a mother is delivering her baby both herand the baby are bound to incur some wounds, which would need propercare (Maxson,Edwards, Valentiner, &amp Miranda, 2016).

Accordingto Maxson et al. (2016), 119 hospitals have a patient safety issue ofclinical sepsis. This includes a rough estimate of 21,819 mothers andbabies that have been delivered in these hospitals. This amounts to33 percent of the safety issues that is deemed to affect patientsmostly. To prevent clinical sepsis from occurring, health care unitslike Health Delivery Inc ought to maintain high sanitation standards.

TheInfluence of Nursing Leadership in Driving the Needed Changes

Nursingleadership is a major management principle that will likely drive theneeded changes concerning patient safety issues. It is, therefore,necessary for the nurses to plan, organize, coordinate, and team uptheir day-to-day activities in the hospital setting. In particular,the Health Delivery Inc. would need to make it mandatory that thenurses establish proper communication with their patients. Due to theestablishment of proper communication, the hospital management willensure that it listens to their complaints on what is affecting themthus reducing the possibility or probability of patient safety issuesarising. It will also lower the incidences of wrongful birthprocesses and harm that may be caused by those processes in thematernity wards (Maxson,Edwards, Valentiner, &amp Miranda, 2016). Anexample that Health Delivery Inc. may use to ensure that the nursingleadership drives change is by ensuring that they maintain effectivecommunication with their patients to prevent health hazards from thewrongful birth process. Another example would be to train the nursingprofession on how to deal with patient safety issues that may occurin the course of their work and how to prevent them from occurring inthe first place. This may go a great deal in driving the necessarychanges about patient safety issues.

HowCurrent Policies and Procedures may affect a Safety Issue

Asafety score implementation plan reduces the potential harm byroughly around 50 percent. It is, therefore, important that HealthDelivery Inc. implements this plan before the next financial year.This can be done through installing quality improvement programs inweak areas of Health Delivery Inc. The weak areas of this company mayinclude the maternity ward and the labor ward since these areas areprone to infections (Maxson,Edwards, Valentiner, &amp Miranda, 2016).Currently, the main SIP involves themes cutting one disease-specificarea. If the current policies and procedures set present loopholeswithin the organization, the possibility of patient safety issues orharm occurring to patients in the maternity ward and labor ward mayincrease at an alarming rate. To implement safeguards in HealthDelivery Inc., the staff could implement a quality controlimprovement plan that could enable them to deal with this menace ofpotential patient safety issues. To monitor the internal controlsystems, the staff can track weak areas within the hospital anddetermine whether the number of clinical sepsis and patient safetyissues has reduced.


AnEvidence-based Strategy to Improve the Safety Issue

Thelikelihood of sepsis infection occurring in the maternity wards isbecause of poor sterile and hygiene techniques in the hospital. Itis, therefore, important that Health Delivery Inc. implement somesafety specifics to reduce the harm (Maxson,Edwards, Valentiner, &amp Miranda, 2016). Anexample would be to change the ordinary hand washing soapoccasionally to a more valuable disinfectant like Winthrop.

Strategyto Collect Information about the Safety Concern

Variousentities like Health Delivery Inc. encounter many challenges whilegathering data about the safety concern of their patients (Maxson,Edwards, Valentiner, &amp Miranda, 2016).The indirect estimation method is a strategy that Health DeliveryInc. can use to supplement direct efforts of data collection. It canbe implemented by administering a survey to determine the safetyconcern of their patients. A possible may be where patients givefalse information.

Howto Determine the Source of the Problem

Toidentify the source, I would conduct a mini research in differentwards. For example, the hospital would use gloves and detergents tohandle patients and determine the cause of infection.

QualityIndicators and Ways of Monitoring Outcome

Tomonitor the outcome, the hospital can determine the percentagedecreases in safety issues. This could also be an indicator of highquality within the hospital. The main policies and procedures thatneed to be changed relate to cleaning materials, techniques, androutines. The nurses will need no training, but they will have to beupdated on the changes. Lastly, reminder posters about the changesshould be given to both nurses and patients.


Maxson,P. J., Edwards, S. E., Valentiner, E. M., &amp Miranda, M. L. (June01, 2016). A Multidimensional Approach to Characterizing PsychosocialHealth during Pregnancy. Maternaland Child Health Journal, 20, 6,1103-1113. Retrieved on 30 July 2016.