Rick’s Case Analysis


Rick’sCase Analysis

SocialLearning Theory: Rick`sability to &quotFit in&quot

Sociallearning theory holds that erudition takes place by observing theattitude, behaviors as well as the emotional response of otherpeople. Learning takes place through a continuous interaction that isshaped by the environmental and behavioral influences. Rick wasemployed on a fulltime basis at Peterson Paper Product as a managerin the sales department. However, the company was underperforming insales, which tasked him to improve the turnover level. In order tofit in, the Rick applied the social learning theory. Rick sought tolearn the employees’ behavior at a cognitive level by continuouslyobserving their actions. His main intention was to understand theirbehavior and fit in to it. Although the employees interacted withhim, Rick observed that they had a tendency of avoiding during theirinformal talks or personal conversations.

Inthe process of fitting in, Rick’s intention was to introduce newmethods and strategies that would improve the level of sales in thecompany. However, the company maintained a traditional practice ofdoing things that resisted any kind of change (Case, 2015). Moreover,they never regarded Rick as being part of their working team. Rickwas seen and taken as an outsider although they worked in the samecompany as them. Rick’s breakdown happened the moment he decided tobring his own computer to work one morning. He wanted to introduce anew system that would analyze, monitor and control all salesactivities in one database.

Sociallearning process was observed in practice when other employeesreacted to Rick by observing his actions and attitude. However,instead of embracing this new method of doing things, they rejectedit and consequently Rick lost his job (Case, 2015). It is importantto note that Rick tried in vain to impact new learning to fellowemployees through his behavioral and attitude influence.


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