Review by Mr. Mathew Kitten.

Review by Mr.Mathew Kitten.

I amcommenting on the quality of their online store service. I chose 2because I give it a 4 for products/shop, 2 for customerservice.Hereis what happened and lastly, some advice for anyone using the onlinestore:1.I put in an order via their site,& their clothes.2.Their online system automatically created a shipping trackingnotification, and all went more or less well and timely. (I cannothold them responsible for how annoying UPS is!)3.I received my order, but one item in the 4-item purchase wasmissing.4.I emailed their&[email protected]&nbspwitha copy of the order confirmation and asked about the missing item.5.No email acknowledgment 2 days later, so I called their line. I gotvoicemail and left a message.6.4 days later, no word so I emailed a follow up email and called thevoicemail again.&nbsp7.Almost two weeks later, I sent another follow up email, left avoicemail with firm requests to contact me.8.Two days after THAT, the day I was going to file a complaint w/ BBB,I decided to call the store. I got a fairly nice guy on the end ofthis line, who sounded slightly concerned and promptly gave me theWilliamsburg, Brooklyn store`s #, which he explained was where thecustomer service team worked. I called them and was finally inimmediate touch w/ the customer service person. She explained thatthey had moved warehouses and all emails/calls to the numbers ontheir automatic purchase confirmation were never received. She didnot apologize or promise that this would be changed, so I`m writingthis review -FYI- if you ordered online and had a problem with your order, call theWilliamsburg branch of this shop.(Theyshould pay me to write this review, I can`t believe they didn`t postit on their website or update their automatic email info.)Threedays after this was arranged, I received the package w/ the missingitem. So that was a relief.Ihope that Oak updates their website and automatic email system sothat they don`t cause any confusion or lose more customers if/whenshipping/order issues arise.Ido love the items I purchased but as you can see, it took a bit toget this sorted.