Research Survey



Therequirement by food manufacturers to label their products

Youare requested to take part in this study. Carefully read thisExplanatory Statement in full before making a decision about whetheryou will take part. My name is Oliver Giroud, and I am conducting aresearch project with Mr. Arsene Wenger towards a Bachelor of Foodand Nutrition in the School of Nutritional Sciences at BirminghamUniversity. This means that I will be writing a research thesis basedon the findings of this study.

Whatdoes the research involve?

Theobjective of this study is to sample the attitudes and experiences ofobese individuals towards healthy menu and food servings in schoolcanteens. As part of this research, I hope to examine the ways inwhich a healthy menu in school cafeterias will assist in reducingobesity among school children. The study involves the completion of asurvey in which you will be asked about your views and opiniontowards schools providing a healthy menu and food servings in schoolcanteens. There will also be a brief questionnaire evaluating yourlevel of functioning in daily life and emotional state. These will beaccomplished over the internet or at a place of convenience for you.The completion of the assessment memory task and questionnaires isanticipated to take approximately one hour.

Whywere you chosen for this research?

Forthis study, we are looking for grown-ups aged 18 years and over whohave previously or are still obese. As contributors to this study,you will have received a leaflet with data outlining the research,and have specified your readiness to participate.

Possiblebenefits and hazards to participants

Whereasthere are no direct remunerations of participating in the study, itmay increase your awareness of the importance of healthy diet inreducing obesity.

Collectionof dietary information

Byaccepting to play a part in this study, you will also be allowing forthe researcher to access your diet and nutritional intake. Right touse nutritional information will be firmly restricted to the purposeof attaining information.

Confidentialityand data storage

Theinformation you make available will stay confidential and will becharacterized by code only. Data collected will be put in safekeeping by Birmingham University code of practice and kept onUniversity property.


Ifyou would like to find out about the results of the study, pleasecontact Mr. Arsene Wenger on [email protected].The findings are available for 16 months.



  1. Is your weight unequal to your height?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) &gt 25?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Do you have extreme variation in your moods?

  1. Moderately

  2. Rarely

  3. Frequently

  1. Do you eat in response to

  1. Boredom

  2. Frustration

  3. Sadness

  4. Anger

  5. None of the above

  6. All of the above

  1. Are you presently on any prescriptions, if the reply is yes, state the medications you are taking?

  2. Do you have any of the following illnesses?

  1. Hypothyroidism

  2. Cushing’s syndrome

  3. Diabetes

  1. Kindly reveal any other conditions that you may suffer from.

  2. How often do you eat?

  1. Every 8 hours

  2. Every 6 hours

  3. Every 4 hours

  4. Every 2 hours

  1. Does obesity run in your family?

  1. Strongly Agree

  2. Agree

  3. Disagree

  4. Strongly Disagree

  1. Describe your lifestyle

  1. Moderate

  2. Active

  3. Sedentary

  1. At what age did you first realize you are obese

  1. Early adulthood

  2. Late teens

  3. Early teens

  4. Middle age

  1. Does the school cafeteria serve fruits and vegetables in school meals

  1. Strongly Agree

  2. Agree

  3. Disagree

  4. Strongly Disagree

  5. Not Aware

  1. Does the school management provide instructional material and education on obesity

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. As parents to obese children do we take the necessary steps in ensuring that we encourage our children to participate in extra-curricular activities?

  1. Frequently

  2. Moderately

  3. Rarely

  4. Never

  1. Does the school offer enough time for exercise and sporting activities for students and emphasize on the importance of games.

  1. Strongly Agree

  2. Agree

  3. Disagree

  4. Strongly Disagree

  5. Not Aware

  1. Are you picked on or made fun of about your body weight

  1. All of the time

  2. Most of the time

  3. Some of the time

  4. Never

  1. For you as a parent how important is a structured Physical Education Program at your child’s school?

  1. Very important

  2. Somewhat important

  3. Not too important

  4. Not at all important