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ResearchPaper for a Film

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ResearchPaper for a Film

PaperMoon Overview

PaperMoonis an American film that was produced in 1973 by Frank Marshall andPeter Bogdanovich and directed by Peter Bogdanovich. The screenplaywas done by Alvin Sargent, based on Joe David Brown’s AddiePlayin 1971. The movie stars Ryan O’Neal, Tatum O’Neal Madeline Khan,P Johnson, and Yvonne Harrison as Moses, Addie Loggins, TrixieDelight, Imogene, and The Widow Bates respectively. PaperMoon wasedited by Vema Fields, and Laszlo Kovacs was the director ofcinematography. It was produced by The Directors Company anddistributed by Paramount Pictures in May 1973 in the US.

Movie’sMessage to Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Themovie industry is one of the arts that are used as the mirrors of thesociety. The principal function of a mirror is to reflect the imageof an object in front of it. In the same way, the movie industryreplicates the image of the society (Scheer,2003).A film is not only produced to earn the production company millionsof money, entertain people, or show the creativity of the productionfraternity but also shows the exact things that take place in thesociety. Due to this explanation, a person should not start his orher journey into a video show just to be entertained and pass his orher time without accruing a piece of information from such a movie.PaperMoonis a movie that should be watched by almost all children,adolescents, and young adults so that they can understand where theworld is heading. Parents should also be near their children whenthey are watching some movies to guide and teach them more about thefilm’s message. The following is the message that the movie meantto impart to children, adolescents, and young adults (Brown&amp Bogdanovich, 2002).


Alonenessis one of the factors that have led most children, adolescents, andyoung adults into certain temptations. So many thoughts go on inyoung persons’ minds when their parents or guardians leave themalone. Some may take that time to attempt many things that finallycreate a negative impact on their future life. Children are easilyinfluenced by little stuff that without knowing their repercussions.For example, a child, adolescent, or a young adult may take the alonetime watching pornographic movies, going far from their home toadventure new things, or experimenting some things to see the resultsnow that there is nobody to stop them. In the PaperMoon,aloneness is one of the messages that the film wants to impart tosuch young people.

AddieLoggins is a 9-year-old girl who is left alone to attend her mother’sgraveside service. At the graveyard, she meets Moses Pray, a conmanfrom the town, who wins the young Addie. The neighbors see themwalking alongside the road and think that it was a father and herdaughter having their morning walk. After denying for some time,Moses agrees to deliver Addie to her aunt’s domicile in St.Andrews, Missouri. This is one of the mistakes that most guardians orparents do that subject young people to hazardous situations. Youngpeople like Addie think that all men are as good as their father wholove them and could do anything to please them. Little do they knowthat some people have ulterior motives onto them and can take amalicious action that can destroy their lives. The movie educates achild, an adolescent, or a young adult to avert being alone. Theyshould look for the senior people and walk with them as they canprotect them from bizarre and dangerous circumstances. It alsoeducates the young adults who are married to make sure that they knowwhere their children are and what they are doing (Meuel,2006).

AvoidingMoney and Cars

Almostall children, adolescents, and young adults like people with cars andmoney. They think that such people can provide financial anyhow orcan help them solve their financial problems. Little children alsolike traveling in cars and vehicle to feel how the movement takesplaces. Many things take place in the world that requires childrenservices. For example, devil worshipping terrorist groups highlydemand the adolescents and young adult service because they are easyto hunt and convince with a lot of cash. Illuminati is another groupwhose members come with cars and an enormous amount of money toconvince people. However, in the PaperMoon,things somewhat happen differently as the child becomes the man’ssponsor.

Mosesdecides to give Addie a ride to her aunt’s home. Instead of takingher straight to where she wants, Moses takes the long route towardsthe home of the man that accidentally killed Addie’s mother. Nearthe local grain mill, Addie and Moses do not find their man. As theyenter into their car, another man comes near and asks them how hewould be of assistance (Abate,2008).After exchanging pleasantries, Moses discovers that the man whom hewas talking with is a brother of the lad who killed Addie’s mother.Moses tries to convince the man to give him three hundred dollars forthe orphan Addie. Addie overhears the dialogue between the two, andafter Moses has spent almost half of the money to fix his car, shelater asks him to give her the money. However, Moses is crafty anddoes not want to leave Addie to go scot-free. He tells her to havepatience, travel with him until he raises the money, and gives herafter that Addie agrees. The lesson learned from this movie is thatchildren, adolescents, and young adults should not be convinced withmoney to do immoral things (Samson,2012).

AvertTalking with Strangers

Talkingwith strangers is another lesson that can be learned from the PaperMoon.Many people know how to create a good rapport with children and makefake friendship with an aim of using them. For example, in the PaperMoon,Addie starts conversing with the man she does not know. Theconversation continues until Addie sees that Moses is a good man,just like her father. Addie agrees to be dropped at her aunt’shome, and this is where Moses takes advantage of her. After Addieaccepts to travel with Moses until he raises some three hundreddollars to give her, he introduces her to his daily business, conningthe window by demanding some money that he claims to have given thedeceased before they died. At that time, Addie pretended to be Moses’daughter and after extorting some cash from one widow, Addie joinsMoses, and they create a formidable team. Such action finally leadsher into trouble after being apprehended by the police. The children,adolescents, and young adults should not talk to any strangers.

Portraitof Children and Adolescents in Connection to the Major Theme

Themajor theme of the Paper Moon is the vulnerability of the children,adolescents, and young adults. It portrays these people as thecohorts that are exposed to many things that may bring negativeimpacts on their lives. Addie represents the children who are notbrought up with their parents in the moral and upright ways in thesociety (Lewis,2011).They are not taught on how they should handle themselves when theymeet with people they do not know. The theme of the movie also posesa challenge to the children’s parents who do not take it uponthemselves, as their sanctimonious obligation, to take care of theirchildren. Addie is not old enough to go to her mother’s gravesidealone. Furthermore, she is a girl who is vulnerable to many dangerousthings such as rape, abduction, and child trafficking. Moreover, thedirector portrays children as the people who are easily fascinated bysome things like cars and older men whom they think are just as goodperhaps as their fathers. The director achieves this by using Moses,a wealthy bloke with a vehicle, who can easily manipulate Addie to doas he commands. Also, the director uses the young girl, who haseasily cheated my men, to show the extent to which conmen take theadvantage of little children to make their lives better.

Thedirector portrays the adolescents and young adults as the people wholust after money and generous lads. Little do they know that suchrich people are after different things and not love. For example, inthe PaperMoon,Addie and Moses hum their car to a halt outside a local carnival onenight. At this point, an exotic dancer by the name Trixie Delightattracts Moses. Moses comes out of the car with Addie and they enterthe photo studio to take some photographs. When Delight spots Mosesand his so-called daughter, she stops dancing and trails Moses andAddie into the studio. After a short seductive conversation betweenthe two, Delight’s downtrodden house cleaner, Imogene, joins them.Addie becomes Imogene’s best friend and starts developing jealousfeelings towards Delight. When Addie realizes that Moses is no longerwith her, and he is spending much money on a brand-new Mercedes Benzto please Delight, she advises Imogene to come up with a plan.

Theyconvince the clerk in the hotel in which they are living to go andseduce Delight as Moses had traveled to the city that morning.Subsequently, Addie calls Moses and tells him that she is not feelingwell, and she needs an agent medication. Moses rushes from town andmeets Addie sleeping in Delight’s apartment, pretending to be sick.She tells him to go their house to pick her jacket before they go tothe hospital. Unaware of the set-up, Moses goes into the house andfinds Delight and the clerk having sex. Moses, fumed with fury,starts fighting with the clerk after that Delight gets a chance ofdodging the brawl. From this incident, the director depicted theyoung adults as the money-loving creatures. Moreover, he shows thechildren and adolescent people as envious. The director has achievedthis by using Delight as an example of the adults who fall in lovewith the rich and after getting what they want, they dump them. Forexample, Delight comes to Moses with an aim of drawing money fromhim. After Moses going to the city for shopping, the clerk, courtesyof Addie and Imogene’s plan, comes to Delight and gives her somemoney to have sex with her. Children are also portrayed as envious,and this has been achieved by the director showing Addie’segocentric behavior in the movie.

Reasonfor Using Young Adults and Children

ThePaper Moon director, Peter Bogdanovich, decided to use the people ofthese ages to show how adults must take the advantage of the youngpeople to exploit them. He also used them because they have notunderstood how the world is, at their ages. Peter Bogdanovich takesthe advantages of these young people to impart an essential messageto the parent and guardians to bring up their children in the rightways to avert some issue to come to face them in their future life.Parents of children like Addie should take some time with theirchildren and tell them about the biological and physical changesbefore they move into the adolescence stage. Additionally, thedirector used the kids and young adults to show how they are easilyconvinced into wrong-doing by the physical things, such as cars andmoney (Ebert,2007).


Children,adolescent, and young adults have the qualities that have beendepicted in the movie PaperMoon.I agree with Peter Bogdanovich’s portrayal of these people becausehe wants to expose everything so that the people concern shouldchange or take their time to teach the young general about theirvulnerability to dangerous things. The quality like money lovingexists in a high percentage of young adults and adolescents becausethat is the stage where they want to test many things using theirbodies. Addie is a young girl who has not entered into theadolescence stage. However, she has been introduced to so many thingsthat include sex and extortion. It means that when she shall be inthe veritable adolescence stage, she will do many dangerous things.It is good the director exposed their behavior so that they canchange for better.

However,despite the fact that the movie stars a 10-year-old girl, the scenesthat unravel are those that some might consider unfit or unacceptableto be viewed or even performed by children as young as the actor.There are several instances where drinking and smoking practices arepresent including Addie. Similarly, there are examples of cases withacts of theft, violence and corruption activities. The presence ofseveral themes that are intense such as the death of Addie’smother, the funeral, the corrupt policemen, the beating that Mosesreceived and also the way the police handled the characters forhandling stolen liquor may arouse strong sentiments from the viewers.As such, the portrayal of these themes, although true to some extentmay bring up a notion that may be wrong for instance concerning thelaw enforcement officers. Also, some young people may find itexciting to indulge in some of the things the young girl participatedin doing. This is the reason as to why most parents rated the film assuitable for 18 years and above [ CITATION Jam15 l 1033 ].


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