Reinstatement Petition


Please discuss why your academic performance has not beensatisfactory in the past

In March this year my grandfather was ill. I go back to China for 3weeks because our customs says so. When I came back, it was too lateto catch up with my friends. The sickness also affects me mentallybecause my grandfather and I were very close. Also, my English wasnot so good to understand everything my teacher in class said. I hadto translate to Chinese to understand most of the words used in mylectures and assignments. In addition, my return to China alsoaffected my continuation in learning good English.

Please propose an action plan/ strategies to address your pastacademic performance.

Ihave enrolled for English classes for advanced learners. Thedifficulty in class has made me find out that I do not know very goodEnglish. I need more lessons. I have also made more friends withAmerican pupils so that I can socialize with them more and learntheir language better. The personal problem is solved at least fornow. My grandfather has already left the hospital and is now restingat his house. In case it happens again, I will talk to my professorto postpone my studies because the culture of visiting sick people isvery important to us Chinese people. I just have to go.

If your request for reinstatement is denied, what do you plan todo during your period of recess?

I sincerely hope it does not get to that level. However, if ithappens, I will go back to China, find an internship, and improve myEnglish. I want to make sure that when I come back I do not face thesame difficult.