Teaching is a unique experiencethat allows the instructor to pass relevant information to his/herstudents. However, as a teacher, it is essential to evaluate thewhole experience as it allows one to enhance their skills. Duringweek 10 of the semester, I got to administer an open-endedquestionnaire to a class of fourteen students whom I have beenteaching. The questions covered four areas: why they liked thecourse, suggestions for any amendments, the instructor’s strengths,and recommendations on areas of improvement. I must admit that thelessons throughout the term have not been easy, but I remainedfocused on achieving both my personal and institution goals. Ibelieve the student’s evaluation shall enable me to enhance myskills and strategies in my career.

The students said they liked mymode of teaching which they described as simple and informative. Myteaching style is aimed at ensuring that the student understands theconcept so that they can be able to apply the ideas. They also statedthat the enjoyed my class as it entailed enjoyable activities andgames. I try to be diverse while teaching by once in a whileinvolving the students in fun games so that they cannot be bored anddevelop an interest in the class. I believe the liking for the courseis because of the connection the learners established between theclass activities and the actual readings.

Many students provided varyingopinions on what they would like to be changed regarding the course.Some stated they needed to be allowed to make more contributionswhile others advocated for practical scenarios where they makepresentations using the board to write. Other students raised issuesregarding the class management by arguing they needed to be allowedto use their cellphones and take more breaks. Some of the proposedmodifications are enlightening, but permitting the operation ofmobile phones during the lesson shall be a distraction and mightadversely affect their performance. However, I will increase theclass discussions so that the students can have more opportunities toexchange ideas where necessary.

An analysis of my strengths as aninstructor shows that most students agree that I have excellentcommunication skills. They said that I understand their needs, and Ialways try hard to ensure that everyone understands the concepts.Another strength that was highlighted was my self-confidence,friendly nature, and the entire classroom management during lessons.The students said they considered me a role model and as theirconfidant because I assist them with other issues outside the class.I appreciate the influence I have on my students as it motivates meto serve them and to remain committed to ensuring they excel in theirendeavors.

The suggestions on areas that theinstructor could improve on teaching were quite critical. Althoughsome students were satisfied by pinpointing nothing neededimprovement, others had noted a few areas. For instance, one of themadvocated for the use of examples while teaching as it enhances theirability to grasp the ideas. Another recommendation regarded mypresentation where I was urged to be louder as my voice was low.Others claimed the need to do more exercises from the textbook, but Inoticed the books were inefficient since some contained the answers.Besides, I always ensured I attained the objectives of the syllabus.Another suggestion that was made was to discourage the use of L1 inthe classroom, an area I shall emphasize on in future. I appreciatethe feedback of the student’s evaluation as I will take all mattershighlighted into consideration.