Reflection on personal bias


Reflection onpersonal bias

I have a personal bias against homosexuals. I tend to view them asdelinquents or people who voluntarily choose to go against thesocietal norms. I do not believe that being a homosexual has anythingto do with biology and instead, I view it as a matter of personalchoice. Every time I happen to have a homosexual colleague, I amalways petrified by the thought of being raped. As such, I alwaysdecline any invitation that comes from such individuals. This isbecause I tend to think that I may be brainwashed into followingtheir perspectives about life. I know it is wrong to be biasedagainst such persons hence, I have a plan on how I will overcome myprejudiced view of them.

First, I need to accept that I am biased against homosexuals. Second,I will make an effort to be friendlier to these individuals andincrease the number of friends who are homosexuals. This will help meovercome the fear that these persons are always up to no good when itcomes to enclosed spaces as they may use such opportunities to rapeone. Additionally, I will seek to befriend colleagues who havepositive attitudes toward these individuals. Such friendship willaid me to see the good side of the homosexuals. I understand thatfriendship influences behavior hence, I will seek to have my view ofhomosexuals positively changed by me having a person who is not asprejudiced against these persons as I am.

Lastly, I will expose myself to any form of media that seeks to breakdown personal bias against the homosexuals. For instance, I willdevelop a habit of watching documentaries and films of notable gaypeople who live normal lives. I am optimistic that adhering to theabove steps will aid me to overcome my personal bias againsthomosexuals.