Reflection on Macroeconomics for Business Class


This course has enabled me to differentiate between variousmacroeconomics dogmas that I previously confused. The foundation inmacroeconomics is fundamental for any business student to have.Before the course, I was not confident to engage in macroeconomicsdebates with my peers. Thanks to the course, I can now argue my casewith a lot of conviction. Although I am not yet where I would want tobe, the course has been an eye-opener for concepts that have beenconfusing me for a long time now.

Classical economics still proves to be a hard concept to master. Ihave grasped the whole idea in writing but I am yet to know how itworks in real life. The fact that the concept does not take place ina small scale has also made it hard for me to create a mental image.Maybe in the future tutors should use locally available examples toexplain the concept. Better yet, explaining the idea in ahypothetical small-scale setting would go a long way in helping manystudents to understand it better.

When it came to matters fiscal policy, the course’s content on thesubject is rather vague. It fails to explore the numerous fiscalpolicies in the USA that have created a turnaround in the country’seconomy. I know that I should research more information in thelibrary, but then it did not occur to me that there was more to whatwe learned in class. Maybe next time the tutor should create aninitiative for students to do more research. Otherwise, I doubtstudents will do more research if they do not know what they shouldfind out.