a) 1. Internetrecruitment and selection can enable a small organization to appealto more applicants and evaluate their suitability. On the other hand,internet recruitment exposes the firm to many unqualified candidates.Nevertheless, such a disadvantage can be minimized by using screeningtechnology to ensure that only qualified persons can apply.

2. Usingprofessional/career websites works best since the organization canaccess the most qualified candidates.

3. I would imposeprescreening hurdles such as identity verification and submission ofacademic certificates. Such tactics would prevent the use of falseidentities and illegitimate documents.

4. Jackson Hotelsshould inform job applicants of the work conditions and fullrequirements. Job applicants should also prove their expertise inrequired fields. Subsequently, internet recruitment should befollowed by background checks and comparisons to determine the mostsuitable candidates.

b) i. Accessionrate evaluates the number of new workers against the total number ofstaff members (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012). It is useful in HR in thatit helps to determine the number of programs sufficient for managingand supporting the workforce. The accession rate is calculated bydividing the total number of workers by the number of staff at theend of the prior period.

ii. The qualityof hire is significant in HR since it contributes to the performanceratings of various employees. Consequently, it can help themanagement to determine the staffing needs of the organization. Thequality of hire is calculated after considering various factors suchas assessment tools, clear communication of job qualifications, andpredetermined criteria for measurement of performance.

iii. Cost perhire is useful in HR since it reveals the expenses incurred inadvertising, staff salaries, administrative duties, pre-employmentinquiries, recruitment, screening of candidates, and assessmentinitiatives (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012). The cost per hire iscalculated by dividing the total expenses by the number of hiresduring the measurement period.

iv. Time to hireis important in HR since it shows the qualities of the organizationas a desirable working place. It is calculated by counting the daysfrom when a job is advertised to when it is accepted by a new worker.

v. Replacementcost enables the managers to identify the expenses incurred bytraining, overtime, temporary replacements, and lost productivity(Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012). It is calculated by dividing the totalworking hours by the amount of expenses.

c) 1. The problemof nurse retention primarily occurs during periods of shortage and iscaused by both economic and non-economic factors.

2. Indeed, Jamesshould attempt to enhance the exit interview process by conductingregular attitude surveys on his employees.

3. In addition, James should evaluate his working relationship withhis staff. In this regard, external parties should administerquestionnaires to the employees to get their objective opinions onpotential areas for improvement.

4. James canimprove nurse retention by encouraging them to be involved in theorganization’s activities. He can also consider their input towardspolicy changes.


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