“Reagan- The Movie”

&quotReagan-The Movie&quot

Bornin Tampico, Illinois, on 6th February the year 1911, Reaganoriginally selected a career in the entertainment industry takingpart in over 50 films. Reagan worked as the head of the ScreenActors’ Guild while in Hollywood where he met his wife. Afterthat, Reagan served as the governor of California. Reagan contestedfor the U.S presidency using the Republican ticket and won two termsstarting in the year 1980 even though he was originally a liberalDemocrat. During his first career as a film actor, Reagan wastransferred through the 1930s, 40s, as well as 50s to roles in anumber of forgettable B-movies. When he later decided to become apolitician, Reagan’s background of relatively undistinguishedHollywood actor made his opponents as well as detractors to dismisshim as a lightweight in the political arena. His second career sawhim become one of the most influential and important politicalleaders in American modern history. In the course of the 20thcentury, the only president that equaled Reagan in terms of social,ideological, and political impact was Franklin Roosevelt. &quotReagan-The Movie&quot presents the period of the presidency as well as themaking of Ronald Reagan in the 1940 Hollywood days.

Severalthemes run through the film the permanency of movies, theassassination attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan in addition to hiscommentaries. The main character in the movie is Ronald Reagan. As apolitician, Ronald Reagan utilized the skills that he had developedin the course of his acting career to great effect. The façadeReagan nurtured as president, who was simple, optimistic, patriotic,as well as genial, was not very different from the numerousinspirational roles that he played in his earlier days. As the majorcharacter or starring in most films, Reagan understood how to deliverhis lines. In the entire time as a politician, Reagan rarely spoke aword that did not sound sincere. Mostly, Reagan approached thepresidency as if it was it was his greatest acting job, which allowedhim to portray himself as a very friendly commander-in-chief. Ananalysis of the character reveals Reagan as a great communicator,conservative, as well as a great leader (Andrews-Dyer). According toReagan, America was good, and communism was evil. The government wasnever a solution and neither was it the problem. In his ideologies,which form part of the themes evident in the film, free-marketcapitalism was a sure way to deliver prosperity while regulation andtaxes strangled the business. The character Reagan as an actor andpolitician present an amalgamation of life and film. At thecompletion of his term in the year 1989, Reagan enjoyed a status asone of the rhetorically dynamic 20th-century presidents of America.It is worth noting that his outstanding speaking ability was as aresult of the time he spent in Hollywood as a movie star. The radioaddresses that characterized Ronal Reagan’s administration weremainly aimed at informing the nation about the current events. Reaganwas reported as socially inclusive to strengthen the partisanidentity against the media while at the same time gaining fundamentalgroups via the use of allusions and humor (Rogin 92).


Howdid Reagan balance film and the presidency?

Wasfilm an integral part of his life after joining politics

Whatis the most prominent theme in Reagan- The Movie?


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