Reading Popular Culture English 1040

ReadingPopular Culture English 1040

25July 2016

Gender:Is it truly our decision or not?

Manypregnant women ask their doctors about the baby sex to prepareeverything for the arrival. When a family has a new member mostly ofthe people paint the baby room blue or pink (blue for boys and pinkfor girls). Everything is already classified to women or to men. But,colors do not have sex, they are only colors. Playing with dolls, orsoccer, or dancing, or any other sport does not make people more orless feminine or masculine. It is important to have a wellestablished consciousness of who we really are and what we like.Therefore it would be possible to bring down the chances of sufferinga lack of individuality or changes in thoughts or beliefs by thesociety or close people.

Genderand sex do not have the same meaning. It is published on the web concept focuses on the social roles and the relations betweenmen and women. These roles and interactions are the result of manyfactors as: environment, time, country, religion, global economics,etc. Everybody depends on the elements mentioned before to be aware,create and have a female or a male identity. On the other hand, thesecond term refers to biological difference as a man or a woman. Inthe past was not easy to confess homosexuality or explore unusualstyles. Some years ago women were only allowed to do feminine thingsand men were not seen well when they acted or did womenthings.

Asit is mentioned in the last paragraph, there are many fundamentals insociety, family or work that has influence on forming a personalidentity as a man or a woman but these factors also can be bad forpeople’s thoughts or beliefs (uniqueness). The process to have agender identity starts in childhood. According to the,individualsrecognize themselves and easily identify “By age four, mostchildren have a stable sense of their gender identity.” [ CITATION Ame16 l 2058 ].Nevertheless,there are many children, who need guidance, advice and support intheir lives. There are also situations of gender non-conforming andtransgender kids. People can prevent these conditions by caring,loving and protecting the children. It is natural for human actaccording to the sex, kids eventually will decide what activity theyprefer, which color they like and feel attraction to other peoplefrom the opposite or same sex.

Onthe fifth season of House, a drama TV show presented a case where akid had both sexes and the parents were asked to decide their babysex. The couple decided to have a boy and with the proper medicaltreatment and their orientation, the child seemed to be aware andcomfortable with his identity as a boy. He got confused when he foundout the truth. Immediately he started to think about why his parentsforbade him taking dancing lessons and also to think that he probablyhad feelings for his best friend. In the moment the boy thought hecould be a girl, he started to change his idea about himself. Did hereally feel as a girl before? What was his true identity? If theywould let their kid being himself or herself he/she would not beconfused by knowing the truth because he/she would have taken thedecision of his/her identity.

Children´snature is to be inquisitive. They can play soccer or with dolls andthis behavior does not mean they are homosexual or straight, it onlymeans they wanted to play. In the episode described above it wasclear that the intervention of doctors and parents make the kid feelinsecure about his identity as a boy. He even started to questionabout his likes, preferences and decisions he made. Instead of beinghelpful in the child formation, the parents and society (doctors)were and obstacle to determine himself or herself. Very differentfrom this, in the movie SpiritedAwaythe girl (Chihiro) had well defined her beliefs and personality. Shewas discriminated in the spirit world for being a human she was avictim of bullying but that does not change her.

Inthe film it is shown how important is to have clear who we are. Theold lady (Yubaba) changed the names of her workers and sooner orlater they lose they forget who they were. The names parents give totheir children is essential in the way of finding and establish thepersonality and identity. The boy (Haku) who helped Chihiro tells hernot to forget her real name and she will never forget where she iscome from and what she wants to achieve. Haku, as Chihiro startedworking for Yubaba but he did forget his name and he cannot back tohis home, besides he does not remember where it is. This is ametaphor of real life Yubaba can be defined as the part of societythat wants to change people’s thoughts to take advantage in anysituation, political, economical, personal, etc. Haku could beinterpreted as the conscious part that reminds persons what is reallyimportant to keep always on mind.

Therest of the characters are everything and everyone around in dailylife. Some do not treat Chihiro nicely some others helped her andguided her to do a good job. In one’s life there will be people whowill try to damage the self confidence and attitude towards life. Butif people open not only the eyes, but the ears and hearts will beeasier to ignore what tries to make damage and be thankful to thosewho help to be better. It is important to respect children decisionsand guided to be good people, support them when they feel insecureand love them to make them confident, well defined and determinedadults. Homosexuality, transgender and other concepts are terms thatthe same society mistreated and might be the cause of a confusedpersonality and probably there are many who act as someone they arenot, but they believe they are thanks to others.

Childrenare the future of this world, it is important to let them bethemselves and not what others want them to be. Also it is imperativeto show them that society and the media are constantly trying tochange population thinking, life style, and beliefs to their ownbenefit. It does not matter how much others try to confuse persons ifeach individual has well-known where they come from (identity) andwhere they want to end. People have to be the helpers and the modelsto follow, and not otherwise the problem, obstacle or the reason tofail or be confused. Probably if the information about sexuality andsexual identity it is managed differently the number of peoplemystified about their preferences will be reduced. Men and womenthinking they are homosexual or they have the feeling of being in awrong body possibly would think miscellaneous about their actualstate and living style. And to those who have no tolerance on diversepreferences, also would be more tolerant to others.


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