Racism in sports

Racismin sports

Usingthe idea of gift exchange, how does racism and inequality negativelyaffect our games? How do sports help heal society of racism andinequality?

Ordinarily,games or any sporting event is one of the multicultural activitieswhich attracts both athletes and the fans from all parts of theglobe. Individuals from diverse ethnic, racial and culturalbackgrounds converge together to show their love and support for aparticular game. However, racism and inequality has a significanteffect on our games which can be either short term or long term.Beginning with short-term effects, the practice results to anger andlow self-esteem amongst the victims and they might opt not to play.Also, it instills hatred and might even lead to psychologicaleffects. In such incidences, the game might be called off orpostponed(Long &amp Spracklen, 2010).&nbspAdditionally,on the long term effects, racism and inequality prevent teams frominteracting and playing at the international level. The practice willlimit teams to a single culture, for instance, the Asians will onlybe playing against the Asians, Europeans against themselves or evenAfricans against Africans. This may result to the cancellation ofsports events such as the world cup and the Olympics which bringstogether sports personalities from every part of the world (Long&amp Spracklen, 2010).&nbsp

Nevertheless,sports contributes positively to the healing of a society from racismand inequality by providing a platform where people from diversecultural backgrounds meet, interact and share or borrow ideas fromone another. Apart from that, sports enhances harmony and peacefulcoexistence amongst the athletes regardless of the racial origins(Long &amp Spracklen, 2010).That is very crucial in addressing issues of discrimination andinequality based on an individual tribe or color. Equally important,sports makes the participants respect and appreciate one another fortheir outstanding talents and performance. The respect is extended totheir racial, tribal or country of origin thus addressing issues orracism and inequality within the society (Long&amp Spracklen, 2010).&nbsp


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