Public Health



Discussionquestion 1

ThePatient Protection and Affordable Care Act that President Obamasigned into law will help toway revolutionize the health system ofthe United States. The Act aimed to overhaul the practices ofhospitals and primary physicians regarding their finances, technologyand clinical practices (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). There ishigh chance that this exercise will make health care servicesaffordable because it is geared towards lowering insurance rates andat the same time increase the public and private insurance coverageso that many people may be able to afford it. The law will be quitevital in ensuring that cases of disparities among different groups ofpeople as far as access to healthcare services are concerned are welladdressed and minimized. Fairly, most people will be able to gainaccess to these services without putting in excessive effort.

Discussionquestion 2

Itis quite possible to eliminate health disparities in the UnitedStates. There are many institutions and bodies that have put upconcerted efforts geared towards gaining access to better health careservices regardless of their social status, sex or race. Forinstance, the National Institute for Nursing Research came up with apartnership program with other interested bodies that would ensurethat proper research would be carried out in a bid to eliminatehealth disparities (Soto, Martin, &amp Gong, 2013). There existsproper literature and information drawn from the findings obtained inthe research conducted that will be quite instrumental in ensuringthat cases of health disparities are things of the past. Anothermeasure that may also play a huge role in reducing the disparitiescould include proper communication with all the stakeholders involvedin the health sector. These stakeholders could come up with viewsthat may be quite appropriate in reducing the extent of the problemto much-limited levels (Villarruel, 2006). The one similar theme thatcomes out in the assigned readings is the importance of informationgathering and sharing as this will be vital in making people moreaware of the measures that they could take so as to help reverse theproblem in totality. As such, it is important for continued researchto be enhanced in the area of health disparities as they will becrucial in the provision of more information that may be used to dealwith the problem more appropriately.

EstablishingMy Academic and Career Path (Registered Nurse AND degree path PublicHealth Nurse)

Iwould wish to get into the career of a resident nurse at a busyhealth facility where I will be able to make use of the skills that Ihave acquired at school and in various field experiences. Thisposition will help me develop my skills further and ensure that Itake up the job of a Registered Nurse with allseriousness. It will also enable to me to gain better interpersonaland teamwork skills that will improve the quality of service delivery(Chitty, &amp Black, 2011). This job requires an individual who hasa degree in nursing as well as at least one year experience, whichcould be covered by field attachments that I have had throughout thecourse. It will also be necessary to register with the NationalCouncil of State Boards of Nursing so as to ensure that I amprofessionally credible. This exercise will boost my ability to landa job at a facility that will have a high likelihood of enhancing mygrowth in the profession. I shall also make the full intention ofworking in a workplace that complies with safe work practices such asthe provision of proper personal protective equipment to nurses aswell as a maximum of 8-hour shifts so as to avoid negative effects.Future trends in nursing show that research will continue to be avery key aspect of the profession even as there is the need to gathermore information on various aspects that pertain to the profession.It will, therefore, be necessary for me to develop my academic andresearch skills so that I may be able to venture into that area,later on in life. Such a strategy will be quite important in ensuringthat I can share what I may gather with other people in nursingpractice. This situation will be vital in improving the field ofnursing.

Amongthe people that will form a huge part of my network include my peerswith whom I shall be sharing relevant information that pertains tonursing and other measures that may be incorporated into theprofession to make it more effective in the sustenance of the healthof people. I have the full intention of starting to make a connectionbetween my course of study and my career goals right from the momentthat I shall land the first job. I shall also make use ofpeer-reviewed articles for gaining the field. Thesearticles are important in the field of nursing care as they providereliable and valid information that could be used to formulate soundnursing practices.


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