Public Health Case Study

PublicHealth Case Study

TheWeight of the Nation is a program created by HBO and the Institute ofMedicine. Other organizations involved in this program are theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NationalInstitutes of Health (NIH). The details about this project can beaccessed from program seeks to eradicate cases of obesity among the people ofthe United States (Films et al., 2012). The primary concern is thatmany children are either overweight or obese and by the time theyreach adulthood, their condition remains the same making them proneto health risks such as kidney failure and heart disease. Thisprogram targets the adult population. It works through raisingawareness about this condition. Many people fail to know they areoverweight and therefore are at a high risk of becoming obese. Thewebsite provides an online BMI calculator that can help anyone withinthis population to know the state of their physical health. Thetarget population is warned of the risk they put themselves in byliving a sedentary life and unhealthy eating. This habit has beenpassed down to the younger generations, and they too are likely towalk down the same path. The program is useful in giving its publichealth information since the messages are personalized and anindividual reading through their articles begins to reflect on theirdietary choices. The project provides various educational tutorialson obesity, the leading causes of this disease and ways that can helpin handling it. The nutritional values of different foods areexplained, and these individuals are even advised on the means theycan plan their diet (Films et al., 2012). After reviewing three otherscholarly articles, I realized that the other assessments requiredmore action from this program. Provision of information alone isinsufficient in dealing with obesity. I concluded that the projecthas to create outreach forums that target affected people within thecommunity (McGuire, 2012). This step will increase the program’seffectiveness.

TheScandinavian Journal of Medicine &amp Science in Sports published anarticle titled “Exercise therapy – the public health message.”The article can be retrieved from targeted the people that do not undertake any physicalactivities, which, led to them being overweight or obese. Thepublication warned members of this population of the risk factorsinvolved with leading such a lifestyle. I knew the target group wasthe overweight and obese people since the publication kept insistingon regular physical exercise to maintain a healthy body (Blair,2012). The paper went on to reveal the potential benefits that comefrom this habit such as it being a healthy option because individualswill be at a lower risk of suffering from chronic diseases. Otheradvantages include lower medical costs and improved emotional andmental well-being. The message is valid since all the risks that comewith a sedentary lifestyle are elaborately explained, and thebenefits that can be reaped are clearly stipulated (Blair, 2012).


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