Proposal to improve safety in Nursing Practice


Proposal to Improve Safety in Nursing Practice

Safety in nursing is a key determinant of thequality of healthcare services offered by a hospital organization.Both the patient and the nurse need to be protected from anypotential hazard that may arise in the line of duty. With the numberof accidents in nursing growing by the day, it is becoming quiteconvincing that improving safety in this organization is of paramountconcern. Just the other day, a nurse gave the wrong medication to apatient because of poor labeling on the medical store. That is justan example of the mishaps that happen in our organization because ofpoor safety standards. For this organization to provide the highestquality of services it so desires, I have come up with a qualityimprovement proposal that seeks to secure the safety of nurses andpatients.

The safety protocol in nursing is a diversefield that requires the input of various unrelated forces. It is forthis reason that I propose that the organization starts a safetycampaign to promote better nursing. This program will need theservices of an external trainer and a PR specialist. Although mostnurses are aware of the safety procedures in their workstation somelack the initiative to follow the rules to the letter. They mayconsider the details of the protocol to be too petty to have anymeaningful impact in safe nursing practices. It will be thereforeimportant if the board invested in a training program for all nursesregarding safety standards in their work environment.

The proposed training activity will take theform of a conference. Nurses will be driven in shifts to attend theexercise in the nearest commercial conference hall. The exerciseshall run for a month to ensure that it does not interfere with thesmooth running of operations in our organization.

The key thing to remember is that theconference will be like a refresher course for the nursing staff. Itwill refresh their knowledge since most of them last attended a classabout a decade ago. It will be important to remind them the benefitsof adhering to the safety procedures to the smallest details.

The conference will also seek to familiarizethe nurses with emerging trends in the safety measures. With therising number of research activities in the health sector, it isbecoming harder to catch up with the findings. However, specialistsin healthcare safety are always abreast with new discoveries insafety research. The same specialists are in a better position toknow which current Evidence Based Practices are recommendable forsafety in the nursing practice. It is therefore important that theorganization hire the services of a specialist in healthcare safetyto spearhead the safety campaign.

The management will also need to take stringentmeasures to ensure a safe working environment for nurses. Forstarters, locum nurses should have the correct training andorientation to ensure that they adhere to the overall standards ofthis organization (Safety and Quality, 2016).

The management should also take action tominimize risks to patients in order to improve the quality of care. Amechanism should be in place to identify patients and nursing staffwho are at a higher risk. The management should then increase safetymeasures for the category of persons who are exposed to greater risk.

The final proposal is to ensure that there is aframework in place to implement the ideas generated from within theorganization. The last time our department’s proposal of EBP wasaccepted, the responsible parties did very little to implement it.

Needless to say, the good proposal went to thegutters because the organization did not establish planned andeffective machineries for implementation. For this particularproposal, I would request that the board create an implementationcommittee to ensure that whatever appears in this document isactually implemented on the ground.

The target audience for this qualityimprovement program is the nursing staff alone because they spendmore time with patients than any category of staff members in theorganization. The implication of the more time that they spend withpatients is that they are more at risking of compromising theirsafety or that of patients.

Nurses are the key determinants of the qualityof services offered by the hospitals owing to their biggercontribution to the clinical outcomes. It will therefore be wise forthe hospital to take care of the largest category of employees if itwants to provide a better quality of services. This does not howeverimply that the other categories of members of staff are not at riskof compromised safety measures.

The primary benefit of this proposal is thebetterment of the quality of services offered in the hospital. If theproposal is implemented, the environment will be safe for nurses andpatients alike. The proposal will also ensure that clients are loyaland get better services because of the safety of both nurses andpatients. An organization that shows concern to the welfare of itsemployees and clients is likely to do better than one that does not.When employees realize that the organization takes into account theirsafety, they will be motivated to work to their full potential. Thesame applies to clients because they will feel more satisfied withthe quality of services offered at the institution.

The cost of the program will be divided intosections as follows fees for the healthcare safety specialist,conference hall charges, allowances for the nurses, and timeman-hours that will spent by nurses out of their work stations. Thehealthcare safety specialist charges $30 per hour. Each conferencewill take 6 hours therefore the total cost per day will be $180. Fora month, the cost will be $5400. At the same time, the cost of hiringthe location for the conference must be considered.

The conference hall charges for the seminarwill be $10 per hour. In a month, the total cost of the hall will be$1800. Transport and employee allowances will be $100 per head. Since100 nurses are scheduled to attend the seminar, the total cost of theallowance will be $10000. At the same time, the organization willhave to hire three locum nurses per day to represent those who are atthe event. Therefore, the total cost of their wages will be $4000 atthe end of the month.

The project will be evaluated by customersatisfaction standards and the number of incidents does to a breachof safety standards. In the past year alone, the number of incidentsdue to ignorance or disregard of safety standards was 54. After thenew measures are in place, the organization will compare the numberof the incidents after implementing the proposal with those of beforethe implementation of the proposal. Customer satisfaction will beevaluated by questionnaires that will be filled in by the clients.The questions therein will revolve around the subject of safetystandards.


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